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  1. Me and my partner are looking for a single or two story detached home in Paleto Bay, with a garden and parking. Preferably has a garage. Must be in good condition. May be willing to trade for a single story detached home in Vespucci Beach with garden, garages and fences.
  2. BUY NOW PRICE - $280k MP: $140k Starting Bid: $200k 2 bedroom house in Paleto Bay Large yard (front and back) with driveway Sea views Address: 698 Duluoz Ave, Paleto Bay Pics Below:
  3. 932 Paleto Boulevard - Paleto Bay Property Type: HouseAddress: 932 Paleto Blvd Area: Paleto Bay Description: A luxurious stone-built home, large front yard, plenty of space at the back for a party with an addition of a garden. Two kingsized bedroom's, dining table, kitchen and living room all in one open area . Well suited for having company and family over to socialize. Perfect for residents with a desire to live in a tight community away from the buzz of the city in a nice neighbourhood. Large driveway able to handle multiple vehicles. Starting Bid: $190,000 Minimum Bid Raise: $5,000 Current Bid: SOLD Buyout: $215,000 Time Remaining: EXPIRED EXTERIOR: INTERIOR: LOCATION: Contact for inquiries: First Name: Barron Last Name: Octavian City: Los Santos Phone: 1515 Facebrowser: LINK Email: [email protected] ((FORUM PM))
  4. Add a car rental to Paleto Bay. Los Santos has two fairly near each other, other than that the rest of the map is devoid of car rentals. Somewhere central with a parking lot - like this place? While I would love to take public transport to and from Los Santos and Paleto Bay more often, there's often none available. If you don't own a vehicle or your vehicle is not nearby, you've got a heck of a long walk back to Los Santos. This could also be extended to Sandy Shores (last I checked they did not have one?) if there is support for it, all though I feel like any car rentals in Sandy Shores would have gone out of business. There is of course a lot of roleplay in Sandy Shores.
  5. Industrial fire at meat packing factory in Paleto Bay Friday, 30th November LSFD Public Relations: Chloe MacKenzie Multiple fire apparatus stage along the closed highway while firefighting operations take place. PALETO BAY - At 23:12 on Monday the 12th November 2018, the Los Santos Fire Department were notified of a fire involving a meat packing factory on the Great Ocean Highway in Paleto Bay, and sent a 1st alarm structure fire assignment. On arrival Chief 1 reported a multi-story commercial structure with flame and smoke showing to the rear. Crews from Engine 1 and 2 made their way over to investigate and start attacking the fire while other crews entered the structure to search for civilians. During the search no persons were found or injured but livestock were discovered and crews began to get to work in removing caged chickens to the outside. During firefighting operations, flames quickly spread to a nearby propane tanker in the rail-yard and forced Engine 3 to relocate from the front to the back, attacking the fire from a deck gun as it began to spread towards the train carriage. As a result, a 2nd alarm response consisting of Engine 4, Rescue 1, Rapid Attack Tender 1 and Water Tender 1 were dispatched. Rapid Attack Tender 1 arrived and began to assist Engine 3 with deluging the propane tanker in foam, cooling it down to prevent a catastrophic explosion. Water Tender 1 arrived shortly afterwards to provide water to the apparatus while additional lines were drawn to fire hydrants across the town. Engine 3 douses the propane tanker in foam to cool it down, as fire continues to spread across the tracks. While apparatus continued to cool down the propane tanker, other crews moved back into the structure to attack the flame on the Eastern division of the structure. By 23:48 the fire inside the interior of the structure was knocked down and crews began a secondary search to look for any persons or more animals caught up in the fire. They made their way around the interior, searching in dense smoke and almost zero visibility by feeling around with their limbs and tools. At this time it was apparent there was no longer any fire, and after 36 minutes declared that the fire was out and the propane tanker was no longer a threat. Rapid Attack Tender 1 spraying foam into the industrial units. By 00:19 the situation was concluded. Fire crews began to overhaul and clear away from the scene. In total 9 apparatus attended the scene. The cause of the fire is still be determined and the cost is yet to be tabulated. For more information, contact the Los Santos Fire Department's public relations desk by sending an email to [email protected] Dispatched LSFD Units: C1, E1, E2, E3, E4, R1, RAT1, RB2 & WT1 Image gallery Interested in joining the Los Santos Fire Department? Apply to be a firefighter/emergency medical technician/paramedic today at lsfd.sa.gov/recruitment
  6. Short description: Some additional shops needed to Paleto Bay Detailed description: As you know, the number of roleplayers is too low in Paleto Bay. There is a need for some additions to increase this number and to contribute to the role in Paleto Bay. Car rental, clothing store and mask store should be added as a priority. Because a player who needs one of these three must go to Los Santos to get them. This should not be a necessity. Apart from hunting, you can add some new jobs. For example, farming, chicken farming, woodcutting, glass manufacturing etc. Commands to add: - Items to add: - How would your suggestion improve the server?: Positive impact on the number of roleplayers in Paleto Bay. Additionnal information: -
  7. Hey! Could we have a car rental place at Paleto Bay? It'd be nice to have a car rental place at Paleto Bay. The gas station is a lovely place to have one at, as it has a spacious parking lot. If we are to go in-depth, perhaps make it unique from any other car rentals available in the city? It'd offer different vehicles for rent, such as (but not limited to!) - Bobcat XL - Rancher XL - Off-road vehicles, SUVs or trucks in general.
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