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Found 1 result

  1. WHO ARE THE HARVARD PARK BRIMS? The Harvard Park Brims, also known as the six-deuce (62) Brims are a predominately African-American based street gang/set based entirely in the Los Santos' South Central district, more importantly the neighborhood of Davis. The rather old set formed around 1969 when they were known as the Los Santos Brims and gained a hefty reputation as one of the only street-gangs that did not show fear towards the pre-mature and early Crips gang located around the Westside and Eastside areas of Los Santos and as a result, they were one of the first gangs to experience violent conflict with the Crips, culminating in the 1972 murder of Lil Country by a Crip member. affiliate Kirkton Moore was convicted for the late 1980's murders of LSPD officer Daniel Pratt on Crenshaw & Florence, and according to his court records, Moore had just committed a violent shooting against a Rolling 60s' Crips affiliate while LSPD members were near by in an undercover Crown Victoria. They followed Moore all to the Davis LTD where he opened fire ruthlessly on the blue Camero, killing officer Pratt. There was little no evidence that Moore knew they were LSPD officers and following this crime he was sentenced to life in prison instead of the death penalty. South Central is home to countless violent street gangs that plague the streets, affecting not only each other but everyone around them. There are an estimated twenty five (25) shootings and around five (5) of which are gang affiliated that occur every week in South Central, on top of the countless robberies, muggings and fights that happen almost every day. The culture and image around "gangbanging" in San Andreas has evolved for better and worse. When gang-banging first arouse in the city of Los Santos, it was mostly African American males and females trying to put food on their table, or seeking protection and power. OPERATION ZOO-KEEPER (2021 + 2022) On a late night in December of 2021, the Los Santos Sherriff's Department gathered enough evidence against the Tortilla Flats 13 gang after a string of shootings in Chamberlain Hills led to the death of over a dozen honorable deputies, causing Chamberlain Hills to go on lock-down, a warrant out for the arrest of any apparent gang affiliate. This meant even the sets neighboring the extremely powerful Sureño gang would suffer a plethora of arrests despite having no direct affiliation with the murders or investigation at hand. It is rumored that over thirty gang affiliates were taken down on December 30th 2021 and the operation lasted the better half of four hours. Several gangs (other then TF13) such as the Rollin' 20s Neighborhood Bloods, Black P Stones, Harvard Park Brims, Van Ness Gangsters and the Fruit Town Brims. One of these gangs that was silently affected more then any other was in-fact the Harvard Park Brims, more importantly their 62 (Six Deuce) Brims section. A good chunk of the 62 Brim's notable and established affiliates were incarcerated on an uncanny amount of drug & gun charges such as intent to distribute and possession of a firearm as a convicted felon. A good amount of these guns were later linked to separate shootings involving gangs like the Rollin' 40, 60's, and 90's Neighborhood Crips. Three of these members were Avon Mitchell, Shane Briceno and R’Morris Perrish, whom at the time of the operation were some of the most dangerous and influential members of the gang, R'Morris being allegedly responsible for beating a Menlo's Neighborhood Crip to death and Shane & Avon being known for their large-scale drug operation. SMASHGANkG (formerly 1806 Smash Gang) The "Smashgang" are a (fictional) a newly founded (roughly three years ago in-character) & stamped line-up of the infamous Six Duece Brims clique. This group in its infancy contained a large majority of reckless, ruthless, selfish and troubled youth who were known to be in their extremely early to late teenage years.. The line up started off as a small group of friends that were not only growing up in the 1806 complex together but also attending Davis Highschool as well. The group of friends at the time started off playing basketball, video games, football and doing other teenage activities such as smoking, drinking and partying with the occasional fight. However, growing up in one of the most dangerous sections of South Central almost every single one of these troubled teen are guaranteed to be led into a life of poverty, gang-banging and crime. This small group of children eventually became a product of their environment, being forced to adapt to the change brought upon Forum Drive after Operation Zookeeper and the early Grove-Steet Hustler Crips war, the entire block's foundation was shaken with these events and countless parents or guardians who were affiliated with the gang were taken down by the LSPD, these kids had to adapt to their parents being stripped away from them and make money on their own, living with close family and friends in poor living situations and with money often sought for, the teens began to get into problems trying to provide for their families and overdeveloping at a young age. Trouble began to fly their way, causing the once wholesome group of friends to eventually spiraling into a group of uncontrollable, unpredictable, delinquent and petty criminals as time went on. WHERE ARE THEY NOW (2023)? The remaining members of the former "1806 Smash Gang" have decided to shorten their titling and began going by "SMASHGANkG". This is also after a influx of police activity from the LSPD and LSSD cracked down on most of the Harvard Park Brims that were operating out of 1806, the Casa Cristina & the 64 Brims at The Tahitian, causing a good portion of their numbers to scatter, some down different paths of life and forgetting the gang entirely and moving on to bigger things, and some still maintaing their love for the hood and trying to get everything back on their feet. Following an investigation into a affiliate of the Harvard Park Brims regarding a credit card scheme, authorities quickly scooped up one of five suspected suspects who still to this day remains un-named. This affiliate of the Harvard Park Brims gave the police enough information to send the gang in a frenzy, packing up their narcotics and fire-arms to hide out in apartments scattered around Chamberlain Hills and Forum Drive, and the more established members fled the neighborhood entirely, opting to keep their small and dismantled stash of goods in a safe place. Over-time, most of the 1806 complex became vacant after the owners of most of the properties sold to the open-market after not being able to land many deals because of all the crime in the area until eventually the properties got a fresh coat of paint by the City Of Los Santos, causing an influx of Hispanic families to flood the housing. As for the remaining members of the Harvard Park Brims, and various other blood gangs that fell apart in Chamberlain Hills, they began to scatter around in different apartments across Chamberlain Hills, a good majority of the rankings reside in All Swells & some of it's neighboring buildings with a prioritized focus on moving as militant as possible and not letting history repeat itself, the gang is moving more dolo then ever chasing after more money then oppositions. Stakes are pretty high within the Harvard Park Brims but with tensions easing and form of comfortability being present, they have returned to their money-making ways. THE DEATH OF BRAZY (2022) Late into the night of April 4th, 2022, a young Harvard Park affiliate named Mahlik Wright was outside of the Davis L-T-D with various other residents and affiliate of the Bloods & Brims. While waiting for another affiliate, Daevion Epps, whom was inside trying to purchase backwoods, the young Wright got into a verbal altercation with an alleged Grove St. Hustla Crip affiliate that was seated in his vehicle. The rival affiliate spurred racial slurs towards Mahlik along with various gang disses, and as Daevion Epps exited the gas station, the rival affiliate began to take his vehicle out of park and go for an attempt of leaving the parking lot. Having seen the affiliate and letting him get away with his antics a few days prior, Mahlik Wright made an irrational decision in the heat of the moment and allowed his emotions to get the best of him .The young affiliate reached towards his waistline and withdrew his hand-held Skorpian SMG, before opening fire on the affiliates car and killing him on sight. However, what Wright was not aware of what that there was an undercover Los Santos Police Department gang unit that was parked up at the gas pumps adding fuel to their patrol Buffalo, and when they saw Wright gun the affiliate down, they bounced out of their undercover car. All the affiliates, residents and innocent bystanders at the scene took off running down the alley towards Grove St, and Wright was not exempt from this whatsoever. The male took off running down the alley while shots flew quickly past his skull in fear of his life, stealing the BMX bike of a fellow Harvard Park Brim affiliate, Reginald Kingston and taking off towards the Rancho Flats. However, this is where things took a turn for the worst. When Wright hopped onto the BMX bike and began to take off, the L-S-P-D units that were on his tail unloaded dozens of automatic shots into the young males body and left him un-treated for a plethora of minutes. Later that night, at around 4:43 AM, April 5th 2022, Mahlik Wright was pronounced dead on arrival at the Pillbox Medical Center. The unfortunate passing of Wright struck dozens of residents in South Central, which include but are not limited to affiliates of the Rollin' 20 Neighborhood Bloods, Murder Park Families, and of course, the Harvard Park Brims, but all the way down to Brouge Avenue's Playboys 13.
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