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Found 1 result

  1. Short description: Overhaul the shark system, get rid of the vanilla shark script and get a new one. Detailed description: Currently, the sharks are client-sided, they appear randomly for people, prey on you instantly and kill you. The new idea would be to get rid of this useless system, and replace them by actual NPCs like the coyotes on Cassidy Trail. This could provide the server with multiple benefits listed below. Their behavior could be a mix of coyotes and other animals: They could be rather pacifist-fleeing (See benefit n°4 for explanation), while having a random aggressive nature, although with a low probability. Commands to add: None. Items to add: None. How would your suggestion improve the server? This would give multiple benefits for the RP: Sharks as NPCs will remove the unrealistic blip updating the sharks position in real time while underwater. The shark's behavior can be tweaked to get them a bit more passive like they would be IRL, they're not absolutely cruel creatures. With some mods later on, we could add more sharks variety and maybe even witness the start of a new Marine Wildlife world, opening paths to a brand new Maritime RP world. Currently, the LS County Lifeguards have tactics to scare sharks away or protect scenes, which are great for RP but useless and unrealistic since the clientside shark doesn't care about the others when it attacks you. Those tactics consist of scaring the shark away with the help of jetskis, driving towards the animal at high speed and splitting in a Y manner to avoid it while scaring it away. Synced sharks could react to that in a fleeing behavior, allowing for the actual use of those tactics, and better scene security for maritime interventions. This would force the people RPing in the sea to actually be cautious and not just go like "fine if I see one on my radar I'll know", or going in spots where they know that script isn't in place. This could bring some random events to give agencies and bystanders some RP, e.g. a beached shark, or a shark too close to the shore, forcing a no swimming policy and all, whichis currently only made in RP and obviously not followed by everyone. An attack with no instadeath can provide more medical RP in case of an attack, since being attacked by a shark IRL can be pretty nasty, but isn't a 100%chance of instadeath everytime like in game currently. This could give some boost to the pawn shop economy, people will try and buy different types of knives and blades to defend themselves if diving. ( Harpoon mod some day? ) Additional information: Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.
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