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  1. Property information: A small house located in the heart of Paleto Bay with a personal garage located behind the property. The property's land includes a small back yard and front yard. The property was built in the late 1970s and has been renovated three times since. Find all desired pictures of the property below. Feel free to check out the property in person as it has open doors for anyone interested. ((Note: I don't really care who this goes to, buyout announcer gets it and so they will. I don't care one single bit if you are a county RPer or a city one, let it even be I don't know you at all, the buyout offer gets it. I don't wanna know your character backstory, and not even a reason why you want this house, I don't want to go into details with anything. 6 months have already passed, can be sold for any price.)) Caution: The buyout offer will be sold the house, with no time limit to the offered buyout. Buyout: $4,000,000 Exterior Pictures: Interior Pictures: Garage Picture: ((Property Information)):
  2. gtaw.link/autoexoticrepairs Auto Exotic is an auto repair shop located in Elgin Avenue, Hawick. Our aim is to provide premier services at an affordable cost to encourage you to enjoy your vehicle for what it was designed for, no more should you worry about pushing your engine too far. Experienced Mechanics - AVAILABLE Mechanic Supervisors - 2 POSITIONS AVAILABLE Clerks - UNAVAILABLE Trainees - AVAILABLE Experienced Technician - 20% of Orders • Atleast 18 years of age. • Mechanical experience, previous employement in an auto shop is not mandatory. • Ability to work and communicate with a team. Mechanic Supervisors - 10% of Garage Profits + 20% of Orders • Atleast 21 years of age. • Ability to work, communicate and organize a team of mechanics to maximize work efficiency. • ((Gold or Platinum Donator)) Mechanic supervisors are expected to demonstrate significant mechanical knowledge, exceptional work ethic and passion for cars, thus, positions are limited, interviews take much longer and involve more work and effort to pass compared to an interview for a mechanic position. Clerk - $5,000/h • Atleast 18 years of age. • Friendly and welcoming. • Ability to communicate orders to mechanics properly. Advertiser - $6,000/h • Atleast 23 years of age. • Bachelor's degree in marketing and advertising. • Ability to do market research. • Ability to gauge the market and create effective marketing campaigns. • ((Access to /bad )) Trainees • Atleast 18 years of age. • Willingness to learn. • Patience and passion about cars. • Trainees are not required to have mechanical knowledge beforehand. We also guarantee a job at the garage upon completion of the training course. A friendly work environment. Rewards and bonuses for the top performers. Ability to work on your own vehicle. Access to the garage's vehicles. Training If you are interested in a position and meet the requirements, fill in this application and email it to [email protected] (( @Supernova )) (( IMPORTANT NOTE: You must be passionate about vehicles, this is not a job for those looking to make a lot of money fast. ))
  3. Hello, Im looking to buy property with garage. Feel free to post your properties here or on my email (( forum PM )) Thanks, Sacher.
  4. FOR SALE Starting bid: $150.000 Buyout: $210.000 Unfurnished, stand alone apartment for sale. The property comes with TWO balconies, one facing Downtown and one facing the ocean. The garage fits two cars. The alley in which the garage is situated has two entrance points. ((/pinfo))
  5. 2 Bed 2 Bath Stand alone For Sale 233 Alta Street - Floor 2 Starting Bid $250,000 Buyout $488,886 Gallery GARAGE GALLERY OOC INFO
  6. FOR SALE Starting bid: $250.000 Buyout: $408.000 A recently renovated standalone apartment is now available for sale in Vespucci. The modern design of the finishes is complimented by timeless furniture and great views all around. The property comes with TWO balconies, one facing Downtown and one facing the ocean. The garage fits a single car (room for two if and when the seating area is removed). The garage comes with a work bench, computer desk and sofa. The alley in which the garage is situation has two entrance points. In short: - Garage - Fully furnished - One bedroom, one bath - Double balcony (front and back) - Ocean/beach view - Downtown view - Private parking below the property - Walking distance from Vespucci Beach and nearby shops (( pinfo: ))
  7. FOR RENT Weekly: $17.700 Monthly: $68.700 A garage unit is now available for rent in Vespucci. The garage fits a single car (room for two if and when the seating area is removed). The property comes with a work bench, computer desk and sofa. The alley in which the garage is situation has two entrance points. (( Furniture changes are discussable )) (( Furniture changes are discussable )) Interested? Send an email to [email protected] (( Forum PM ))
  8. [SOLD] 1216 Melanoma Street - Two-Story Beach House Here we are looking at a recently renovated two-story Beach House located on Melanoma Street with a garage and two balconies. The property is only a minute walk away from the beach. Your chance to become your own home owner. With a heavy heart selling the property off in order to fund renovations and the move into something closer to work. I have personally renovated and installed various appliances myself over the last few months. Completely new bathroom and kitchen with less than 3 months of use. New laminate as well as wallpaper. New owner can carry-over the furniture. (( The property was mapped to have working lighting all around the house if the property time gets set to night. )) The Property Includes; - 2 Floors - Garage that fits 1-2 Vehicles - 2 Balconies -Spacious Living Room, TV-Set-Up -High-End Kitchen with Dinning Area - Master Bedroom w/ Big Closet and Balcony - Guest Bedroom w/ Home Office Set Up -Renovated Bathroom with Bath and Walk-In Shower - Music Speaker System all-around the house connectable by Bluetooth Pictures Exterior Pictures: Entrance / Hallway: Living Room: Kitchen: Hallway (Second Floor): Master Bedroom: Guest Bedroom: Bathroom: PRICING Asking Price: $2.000.000 (( Market Price: $215.000 )) (( Furniture Worth: $153.225 )) (( Maximum Buyout (3x): $798.225 )) (( Maximum Buyout (5x): $1.228.225 )) (( Purchase Date: 29-Jun-2021 => 6+ Months )) CONTACT 1216 Melanoma Street E-Mail: Click Here Phone: N/A
  9. A top contender in the Los Santos automotive aftermarket industry. Thorough auto repair, consistent maintenance and track-tested custom tuning, we focus on accessing the potential of your vehicle to cater just for you. We're currently seeking experienced mechanics and mechanic trainees with atleast a basic knowledge on the subject. Qualifications * Must be atleast 18 years old or older. * Must be able to work in a team environment. * Have a bit of knowledge surrounding the field. (( Don't bother applying if you only wanted to farm ez money by being a mechanic. )) If you're interested and feel like you're capable for the qualifications above, feel free to send us an email with the format down below to [email protected] (( Forum PM @mencurry AND @Jewel))
  10. Gorman's Auto is a family owned garage located in Sandy Shores, which has been passed down several generations in the Gorman family. We are looking for experienced mechanics that know their stuff, as we are not currently taking students. Positions available: * Experienced mechanics, you must be twenty-one years or older. * Three Recruitment/Public Relation Officers. * Two Managers * Two Supervisors Experience is required to apply for any of these positions. - We are not currently taking any apprentices. (( We don't want you if you just want to make money, you need the drive to roleplay a mechanic too )) What are you getting?: * A super work environment and great co-workers. * Monthly bonuses based on your work effort. * We pay 23% of each processed order. Application: Use this template for any applications and send it to [email protected] ( @Pepper ). Name: Address: Age: Job Position. Phone number: Past experience: What is your goal/expectation with this job?: Can you show a clean record?: (Discord name): (Donator Status: Yes/No):
  11. Autoholics Motors is an automobile repair workshop located on Greenwhich Parkway besides Los Santos International Airport. Our garage aims to stay ahead of the industry changes to provide the best customer accommodation. We try to provide high quality, convenient and comprehensive auto repair at low cost. Autoholics Motors is a one-stop facility for all auto servicing needs. What can/may we offer you as a garage? We aim to provide our team the healthiest and friendliest environment of work. We're offering monthly bonuses for the most qualified ones of the teams throughout the week or month. You're treated as one of us upon arrival to the garage. We offer all types of assistance and free customization for our team. Am I qualified for the job? If you're wishing to join our team, we've got a couple things that we ask about. Experience is not a must, but it's preferred. We offer apprenticeships positions for those who seek to learn and adapt. We're not taking people under the age of twenty one into our team. Discipline and team work is required. I want to apply, who do I contact? If you deem yourself suitable for the job, send your application via this link: application (( Our goal as a garage is to keep it a healthy and roleplay orientated environment. If you're here to abuse the script in order to earn money quickly, we're not the right place for you. This is one hundred percent prohibited and highly monitored. ))
  12. DESCRIPTION Looking to sell my apartment, tastefully furnished in a modern design, perfect for a first purchase or a need for a cosy cocoon, this place comes with one bedroom, one bathroom, a lovely open kitchen, and a living room that will keep you company during all of your Netflix and Chill nights. The building itself has a large hall that allows for friendly gatherings, is equipped with two elevators regularly maintained, and a shared garage for the different apartment owners, which often has more than enough space for your car, whether it's an old American classic or a modern European. The building's terrace is open to the world, with a swimming pool for you, your friends and your friendly neighbors, perfect for your summer barbecue around the pool, or your midnight baths. PRICING Starting Price: $200'000. Auction end date: 26/NOV/2021 @ 8PM. Min. bid increment: $5'000. Buyout Price: $350'000. PICTURES Interior: Entrance Hall & Garage: Exterior: Swimming Pool: ((Property Information:))
  13. STATUS: SOLD 1112 Palomino Avenue - Floor 2, Room 4 (Apartment with Garage) Bidding Ends: Ended PICTURES: https://imgur.com/a/BCpMDkp Information: Moderate Sized apartment at Vespucci Canals 2bed, 2bath Living Room Dining Room Kitchen Hallway Master Bedroom w/Ensuite Guest Bedroom Bathroom Open plan living area. Outdoor Garage Price: Market Price - $115,000 ((Furniture Worth - $145,526)) ((Market Price + Furniture Worth - $260,526 (Not including length of ownership) )) Starting Price - $260,000 Bid Increase - $10,000 Buyout Price - $500,000 Contact: Call me or send me a message: PH: 1718 Or send me an email to [email protected] ((PM on the forum)).
  14. Third floor apartment for sale in the Sandcastle Way complex. Property comes with two terraces (one only accessed by other people living in the neighbouring third floor apartments, parking lot and private balcony. Property has been decorated. Buyout price: $456,951 (( ))
  15. Single family home with separated garage for sale in Mirror Park. Seller reserves the right to deny buy out offers at their discretion. Until the sale is confirmed, all offers will be considered. Starting Bid: $1,000,000. Buyout: $2,000,000. Any bids with less than a $50,000 increase from the prior will not be considered. (( Marketplace Value: 207,000 - Furniture price: $0 / N/A - Empty interior. )) (( OOC Pinfo AS REQUESTED: ))
  16. "Savor every sunset from the top of Del Perro Beach" 105 Playa Vista - Floor 1, Room 1 Market Price: $350,000 Starting Bid: $280,000 Listing Information 1 Master Bedroom with Walk-In Closet & Luxurious Bathroom(Includes 2 Sinks, Shower, and Whirlpool Bathtub) 1 Guest Bedroom with Home Office Suite(Dual Monitor PC Configuration, Printer, Laptop Computer) & Generous Closet Space Full-Size Kitchen featuring: Fridge/Freezer, Microwave Oven, 2 Conventional Ovens, 4 Stove-Tops, Bar, Coffee Maker, and More. Dining Room Table with seating for 9+ Guests. Living Room with Electric Fireplace & In-door Koi Pond(Koi Fish Not Included) 60" inch Flatscreen TV & Home Theater System Includes Access to the Playa Vista Complex's Garage Elevator Accessible Comes with a free Telescope! Auction Information Private Bids made via email or phone will be ignored Personal Tours & Viewings Available on request Bids & Buyout Offers will take precedence over viewing requests The auction will end once the maximum legal offer(or buyout) has been made or until the seller receives a bid they deem satisfactory Living Room & Kitchen Gallery: Master & Guest Bedrooms Gallery: Garage Gallery:
  17. 1036 Brouge Avenue CALL OR TEXT 66885013 EMAIL [email protected] ((FORUM PM)) ((MORE PICTURES HERE)) Spacious house + garage in Davis near the police station and close to any first needs stores. MARKET PRICE : $75,000 ASKING : $100,000 BUYOUT : $225,000
  18. DzonI54


    THREE STORY HOUSE FOR SALE INFORMATION: House Capacity: 100.000 Weight ---------------------------------------------------------- -Three bedrooms -Two bathrooms -Two living rooms -Balcony -Kitchen -Roof Access with solar panels -Garage -Backdoor ---------------------------------------------------------- Starting price: $700.000 Minimum raise: $25.000 Current bid: $700.000 Buyout: $1.000.000 ---------------------------------------------------------- Market price: $280.000 Furniture worth: $178.779 ---------------------------------------------------------- Phone number: 1231 Email: [email protected] ((forum pm)) ---------------------------------------------------------- EXTERIOR LIVING ROOM 1 LIVING ROOM 2 BEDROOM 1 BEDROOM 2 BEDROOM 3 + BATHROOM BATHROOM 2 BALCONY + HALLWAY ROOF ACCESS GARAGE KITCHEN RANDOM PICTURES
  19. 1036 Brouge Avenue $300 PER WEEK | CALL OR TEXT 66885013 ((MORE PICTURES HERE)) Renting a charming house with garage on Brouge Avenue, Davis. The house has a spacious living area and two bedrooms and a small courtyard behind. Located in Davis, one block away from the police station, it is close to any first-need store. The garage will be accessible by the tenants but is currently undergoing renovations. Looking for one or two tenants. Please call or text only if you're interested. You can also email [email protected] ((FORUM PM))
  20. Hi! So the title is pretty self-explanatory, but basically what I am asking to be implemented is more colour categories for vehicle customization. I recently got approved for a lease of a Windsor with the drop-top which for me defaulted in a red roof. In GTA: Online and GTA: Singleplayer there is an option to change roof colour which can be seen here: Right now, I am limited to either work with the red for my colour choice or to have my roof down every time I drive the car. And here is a video I faffed around with for fun: Thank you for coming to my ted talks.
  21. Experience Imperial Autos Garage is the oldest and most active garage in LS, it being open since August 2019. Quality Imperial Autos Garage is the number one garage in Davis, priding itself on top-quality service and efficient work. Affordability With it's reasonable and accessible prices, it allows everybody in the city and county to have their vehicle treated or repaired properly. We specialise in JDM and European imported vehicles, specially in Annis, Karin and Dinka. While all of our mechanics are also car enthusiasts, don't just come for a tune-up, but also let us give you some council and tips! Don't let your muscle car friends brag about their big motor and show them how engine isn't it all! Along with our standard service, we also do engine swaps, ECU remaps, coilover replacements, turbo and twin-turbo installations, transmission rebuild and much more! If the vehicle has to stay with us for more than 5 hours, we will also provide the customers a replacement car with all the guarantees for them to be able to keep travelling around the city as if nothing happened! For more information contact Oscar Martinez at [email protected] ((@Oscar Martinez)) and 737-4973 or Alexis Rae [email protected] ((@MerTHero)) and 9710-8633. ((OOC note: Imperial Autos will keep opening with in game ads (/bad) and responding to the mechanic hotline calls as usual. But this forum thread is rather intended in attracting another type of roleplayers (following Skunkworks' initiative), allowing them to leave their cars at the garage for several days, and hand them a replacement car)) ((OOC note 2: The replacement car system will be done through /sellvehicle (both for the replacement car, and the customer's vehicle), in which case both parties sign an IC contract and engage themselves OOCly to /sellvehicle it back to the other party once the IC contract is over.))
  22. For Sale: 1033 Roy Lowenstein Boulevard (2 bed, 1 bath, 3 garage). Starting bid: $75,000((Market Price)) Buyout: $190,000 Feel free to reach me at 8864869 or Email ((Forum Post)) (())
  23. 4SALE INTERIOR This property will be an auction format until the 6th of April, at which point it will either be extended or the best offer will be accepted. STARTING PRICE: $200,000.00 CURRENT OFFER: $250,000.00 BUYOUT PRICE: $350,000.00
  24. Interior: Location: Market Price: 95k Open to all offers! ((Both sheds are scripted and can be entered They have the single garage interior))
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