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  1. Procedurally updated story on the main post. Jeremie "Big Guala Bvby#1" Herron https://face.gta.world/guala127baby Alias: Guala Baby - More commonly referred to amongst peers as Guala, Guap and/or Baby guala [gwah-luh] WHAT DOES GUALA MEAN? It's used as slang for "money," often as guala guala. Story so far (pre-context): Jeremie Herron has spent his whole [19 year] life in a Brouge Ave. Housing Unit after being a product of home labour. He exists in a two bedroom household with his younger sister and his mother. Jeremie idolises the trap lifestyle, despite having no desire to jump off the porch into the rap game, he moulds his personality around famous names like Lil Baby, Young Thug & Lil Keed. Living a life with little option, Jeremie put on for the Darkside Neighborhood Bloods from a young age; with selfish ideals to get his own money up, leaving the brotherhood as close second. A natural born hustler like Jeremie is often seen to be flexing to his peers, his neighbours & most recklessly his opps. Jeremie is conceited, despite not being as ready to die for the hood as others, he still exudes levels of ignorance only hoodrats would reach. He sees himself as a top-tier money maker with grade A steelo (style). Don’t get it twisted, most might look at his style and question why he’s wearing such clothes. He thinks his future in the hills within grasp. Back to the flexing, Jeremie is as vain as they get, he is the definition of a walking lick despite not wearing any particularly expensive clothing. He is materialistic, and sees his only motivator as money. Jeremie's only real loyalties lie with his mother and his little sister, he tries to avoid the line of fire so he can always come home to them. In-depth In Character Story:
  2. This thread will follow the story of Tatiana 'Rogue' Aparicio. A surena affiliated with the Frontline Lokaz clique, Rancho Trece gang.
  3. "If it's the last thing that I gotta do, if it's the last point that I gotta prove, to my fuckin squad I'ma keep it true and represent the gang till I'm restin in a tomb" - Young Dopey Left to right; Florencia Echegoyen, 2015 @ Decker Park before MS13 RICO indictment ~ Florencia Echegoyen, 2020 @ Lindsay Park after release from Bollingbroke State Pen BACKSTORY: Florencia Echegoyen a/k/a La Greñas was a W/S Mara Salvatrucha 13 gang member, originally born into a mid-end family in West Los Santos; a couple of them being affiliated to the W/S Mara Salvatrucha 13 themselves. Florencia Echegoyen was a good girl up until she was 14, when she was placed under the observacione role within W/S Mara Salvatrucha 13; meaning she was being observed for membership status. She became a chequeo at the age of 15, ironically being the same year that the Federal Bureau of Investigations and Los Santos Police Department RICO indicted countless W/S Mara Salvatrucha 13 affiliates, her being one of them. She was sent to a juvenile detention center where she was officially inducted as a member of the transnational criminal organization at 16 years old by other young affiliates, and was given a 13 second beatdown to get jumped into the gang; in private away from juvenile security. At the age of 15; Florencia Echegoyen and several other Mareras jumped a rival female gang member from Drifters 13, where it resulted in Florencia Echegoyen hanging the rival female with a rope; essentially lynching her. This is where Florencia Echegoyen's street name; La Greñas comes into play, since it translates to "Tangle", and the rope tangled multiple times during the lynching; Florencia Echegoyen's homegirls nicknamed her La Greñas. Once Florencia Echegoyen hit 18 years old, she was officially transferred to the women's facility of Bollingbroke State Penitentiary where she served a remaining 17 months before being released back into the general population. Once released back into the public, she spent roughly two years in the W/S Mara Salvatrucha doing countless things to keep ship afloat, until Gabriella "Feisty" Delgado was released after being made keyholder of MS in the state of San Andreas. Once "Feisty" Delgado became the acting keyholder, just before her reigns came to an end she gave Florencia the go ahead to walk away from the W/S Mara Salvatrucha. After walking away from MS13, Florencia got deeper into the underworld of Organized Crime instead of going legit. In her mind, getting away from MS13, and removing the tattoos; were only going to help her go far in the underworld. Due to being a woman in a man's world, her Mexican uncle from the Badiraguato region of Sinaloa helped line up a connection for her to get in touch with some people, and directed her to the most infamous street crew under the Border Brothers 22 in San Andreas; Blood Money Inc. Anything used in character from this thread will be reported, as it'll be considered metagaming. Everything on this thread, pictures and backstory are for the aesthetic and vibe and also to give people a short little insight to Florencia Echegoyen's life.
  4. This Character Thread follows the story of; Kinsley O'Reilly. (OOC NOTE): The following thread may include sensitive material/content as Kinsley's story progresses. Such content is generally displayed as drug abuse and mental health. I am still doing my best to research these things so that I can provide a decent portrayal of said content. If you see something wrong with the content displayed; be sure to contact me via Forum PM as I can take criticisms which will improve my roleplay standards. Thank you in advance.
  5. Rum

    Cameron Moore

    Cameron "C" Moore Twenty Years old From Brooklyn, New York. Cameron Moore is a twenty-year-old once drop-out that is currently residing in the East-Side Rancho ( Billingsgate Motel ) after failing to comply and agree by the rules of Los Santos' very own University "ULSA", losing most of his education, money, respect for the system as a whole due being let down by modern-days society and ethics. Cameron Moore is a twenty-year-old once drop-out from New York's very own NYU ( New York's University), currently residing in the dorms of ULSA in hopes to further his degree in Art Theory and Design, scaling time between his dead-end job at a shoe store and between his hobbies.. guitar, punk/metal music, copious amounts of marijuana, pills, and cigarettes, don't forget the money schemes that occur often during parties that surround the dorms and Vespucci Beach. His mindset is clouded by anxiety, ambitions, and hopes that he can prove to his dead-beat abusive father wrong and carve his path in the heart of one of the biggest cities, most often leading its youth into a higher or troubled path. His ambitions? becoming a well known peddler of narcotics and false hopes, clout-climbing, and hopefully becoming one of the scummiest influences in Los Santos with a little help of his cracked-to-shit phone, parties, sex and furthermore, drugs. His mindset is clouded by anxiety, ambitions, and hopes that he can prove to his dead-beat abusive father wrong and carve his path in the heart of one of the biggest cities, most often leading its youth into a higher or troubled path. His ambitions? becoming a tattoo artist, successful business owner, and perhaps one of the biggest artistic influences in Los Santos with a little help of his cracked-to-shit phone, soon-to-be friends, parties, and furthermore, drugs. Personality : Honest, blunt, unsound, riotous, vivid, influenced by punk, hip hop & metal music. Hobbies : Sex, video-games, music, art, marijuana cigarettes, pills, gaining clout and most of all, money. Disapproves : Carrots, Jocks, Preppy Social Life, being poor and the lack of respect.
  6. Sex Trafficking - When an adult engages in a commercial sex act, such as prostitution, as the result of force, threats of force, fraud, coercion or any combination of such means, that person is a victim of trafficking. Carmen "Coco" Ortega is a Jamestown local resident who, under extreme circumstances, is forced into prostitution and subject to almost daily humiliation. Carmen "Coco" Ortega, a former street hooker, has recently been freed from her former life by her newfound lover, William Iovino, a member of the mob and a man more than twice her age. Her hustle, however, never stops. This thread will follow her development. Viewer discretion is advised. DISCLAIMER While no overly explicit screenshots (nudity, detailed sexual RP) will be posted, certain scenes may include innuendos or suggestive lines. Therefore, it's best for individuals under 18 to stay away from this thread. The identities of anyone who does any kind of explicit RP with Carmen will be strictly kept confidential OOC. If certain explicit scenes are crucial to Carmen's development, I will ask for your permission to reveal your identity in the screens. If not, I may simply use "XX" as your identity. There is no pressure for you to ERP either. A fade-to-black is sufficient to further your character's development (and mine) and can be requested. Thank you and I look forward to roleplaying with you!
  7. Where did I go wrong? Stayin with my grandma in Mission Row, hooping at BJ Smith Recreational Center, sleep overs wit the homies; it was all good. Except when my granny would have me cleaning the house to The Temptations on a early Saturday morning. I'm fifteen years old and I attend Roy Lowenstein Middle School. Next year, I'ma be at Davis High School playing varsity basketball as a freshman. You could say I'm THAT nice, I be crossing fools all the way up on my Allen Iverson - that's my favorite player. The reason he's my favorite player is because he doesn't care what people think, he'll show up to games breaking uniform codes. He stands up for what he believes in, you could say he's black and rebellious. "A coward dies a thousand deaths, a soldier dies but once" I got this hustle man, I remember I would walk around South Central Los Santos and sell chocolate bars! When I tell you I made a killing, I made a killing. Was it 100 percent honest? Probably not.. I would go to Xero 24 or the Strawberry 24/7 and buy my candy bars for 60 dollars a bar. After I got my bars I would sell them for 80 dollars to the people that came up to the gas station in my hood saying it was "for a fundraiser for my school's basketball team"... Some people fucked wit it, some didn't but how else was I gonna get my BMX bike? My grandma didn't have it, she only got paid on the first of the month and most of that went to bills. My mama? She was somewhere smoking crack. When did shit start to go south? I started kicking it wit people from my section when I got suspended from school. I knew you was gonna ask why I got suspended... So I was in first period, and mind you, I never go to first period. But this girl was yappin about how my mamas a crack smoker and my dad wasn't in the picture. I grabbed some scissors and cut that girls pony tail off - they suspended me for two weeks and my grandma said, "Since you wanna be suspended, you ain't gonna be sittin around the house being lazy, eatin up all da food." For two weeks I had to leave the house in the morning and come home when the street lights hit. That was a mistake.... Man I was outside for real! I'm not making enough from that candy shit no more. I got my lil BMX bike and the niggas from my section still had whips, girls and money. I wanna get like them, so I started taking even more risks.. I got my ass beat by my granny and my mom for stealing that weed.. But it was worth it because I got me started in the game, I love the rush I get from selling weed and coke. I'm good at it too, maybe it was from watching my mom sell coke when I was younger, but it's like I had a knack for it. You know them white boys that watch they daddies be engineers, doctors and lawyers then one day they're put in position to do something similar? Shit maybe I was meant to sell coke until I make it to the NBA.. Till then I'mma play ball wit the 86 Davis Family Gangsta Bloods, red homies. To be continued...
  8. My name is Cynthia and I was born and raised in Stab City. I live with my father... But my mother? I haven't heard from her the last... What? Ten years? I was only little when she ran away... At least that's what my father tells me or wants me to believe. I wish it would've been different... But... There's nothing I can really do. And there's a reason I am so messed up in the head. I can't deal with it and it is frustrating. Sometimes I wish I could just... End it. This thread will showcase sexual content, so if you do not consent to the rule 19, do not scroll down the thread.
  9. “On the girl's brown legs there were many small white scars. I was thinking, Do those scars cover the whole of you, like the stars and the moons on your dress? I thought that would be pretty too, and I ask you right here please to agree with me that a scar is never ugly. That is what the scar makers want us to think. But you and I, we must make an agreement to defy them. We must see all scars as beauty. Okay? This will be our secret. Because take it from me, a scar does not form on the dying. A scar means, I survived.”― Chris Cleave
  10. Treyvon "Y.G. Trey Dolo" Townsend Alias: Trey Dolo - More commonly referred to amongst peers as Trey, Dolo, Dee/D etc. dolo or solo-dolo [ doh-loh ] or [ soh-loh doh-loh ] WHAT DOES DOLO MEAN? You rolling dolo? If you are, that means that you're doing it alone. It often appears as solo dolo. Story so far (pre-context): Treyvon Townsend was born and bred in the Bully Block reign of Brouge Ave. With close family ties to OG BUCK BEEZIE, Treyvon was indoctrinated from a young age to put on for the gang. Known for his rash and thoughtless exploits, he picked up the Dolo tag owing to his tendency to put in work solo, this psyche got him put in prison after a home invasion gone wrong, serving almost two years for his actions. After serving time for Aggravated Battery, Manslaughter & Home Invasion, Treyvon dropped back into the hood to a new archetype of the Dark Side gang. The seemingly sudden emphasis on hustling isn't Treyvon's MO; despite just being released from state prison, he is destined to re-offend. Most common folk in Brouge and Carson would know of Treyvon's reputation, and comparisons have been made between him and the more aggressive gang affiliates of Dark Side NHB. In Character story: More to come.
  11. “Nothing ever ends poetically. It ends and we turn it into poetry. All that blood was never once beautiful. It was just red." This thread will follow the character development of Idania Ceres, a young victim of a harsh Salvadoran reality. Meanwhile, a "short" yet thorough character description. General overview of her attributes and statistics: Full Name: Idania Ceres Age: 16 Date of Birth: April, 16th, 2004 Zodiac: Aries. Gender:Female. Sexual Orientation: Straight. Nationality: Salvadoran. Tattoos: None, yet. Hometown: Barrio El Carvario, Nejapa, El Salvador. Height: 5’ 7” Weight: 127 pounds Character’s body build: Skinny with no visible muscle defitinition whatsoever. Eye Color: brown. Hair Color: Black. Type of hair: long, wavy. Complexion and skin tone: Olive. Current Residence: Los Santos, San Andreas, USA. Occupation: Student. Personality Attributes and Attitudes: Educational Background: High school, 11th grade. Intelligence Level: Below average. Languages: Fluent in English and Castillan with Salvadoran influences. Any Mental Illnesses?: Antisocial Personality Disorder. How does the character show affection/love?: She doesn't. More often than not, Idania sees relationships as means to reach an end. How does the character handle grief? Can the character cry?: Grief is a foreign concept for her warped mentality, she doesn't cry from interpersonal activities. How does the character handle pain?: Poorly, her pain threshold is very low. Is the character typically a leader or a follower?: Follower. Nervous Tics: nail-biting, self-cannibalism. Backstory: TBA
  12. This thread documents the development and background of Seamus Cook, a member of the defunct Satanic Skins set. [Seamus Cook pictured with childhood friend Francis Kilgore.] ᛒᚨᛋᛖᛞ - ⚡eamus Cook From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - "White power skinheads, also racist skinheads or neo-Nazi skinheads, are members of a neo-nazi, white supremacist and antisemitic offshoot of the skinhead subculture. Many of them are affiliated with white nationalist organizations and some of them are members of prison gangs." Seamus Cook was born on the Beach during 1985, July ninth. During the early 2000s Seamus was introduced to white pride at a young age by his family and friends, especially long time friend and former classmate, Francis Kilgore. Seamus Cook is a twenty nine year old heroin addict with racist tendencies and hateful rhetoric. His early life remains shrouded in speculation but the generalized jist is that his father was a hardcore punk rock fan, and skinhead. His father was apart of the American Front located in San Francisco as one of the earlier members in the recently formed organization. With his ties to the music scene and devotion to a Pro-White race movement forged the continuation of his fathers success as a neo-nazi. As a member of the American Front, he met many different kinds of white supremacists, but the ones he identified with the most was the wave of neo-nazi skinhead subculture drifting over from the United Kingdom, their music, beliefs, and hate only fueled Cook's father, and he eventually joined PEN1 in 1986, just a year after becoming an official member of the [AF]. After officially moving into his friends home, Cook's father drifted on the west-side of Vespucci, kicking it on the rock scene with his comrades, his brothers. He was eventually incarcerated for life in prison after a stabbing turned double homicide, his victims a lesbian couple that tried to fight back, but ended up getting stomped by five or so skinheads before Cook's father took out a knife and began stabbing them. This happened after a punk rock concert where Cook's father tried meth. This was the first and last time his father did meth. "Expert" in skinhead culture and author of "Public Enemy Number One" - "MS" "During the late 1980s, various members of the gang were facing charges and getting arrested for various crimes, to include: drug charges, burglary, and robbery. Once incarcerated, PENI members began creating a relationship with the Aryan Brotherhood." From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - "American Front (AF) is a white supremacist organization founded in San Francisco, California by Bob Heick in 1984. It began as a loose organization modeled after the British National Front. Heick began working with Tom Metzger's White Aryan Resistance (WAR) in 1988. Heick and artist Boyd Rice posed for photos in AF uniforms for an article on neo-Nazism in Sassy magazine. Rice claims he was never really a member of the American Front, but that he was friends with Heick.[2]" The path of the enlightened isn't always right, especially if you're taught the wrong things and believe them to right. Cook attended Vespucci High, his childhood lacking a father and strong parental guidance. He was a latch-key kid, his mother was always out working, which gave him a lot of free time after school. He attended rock concerts, which are still incredibly popular in Vespucci, the Beach and the surrounding areas have remained a staple of skate culture, punk rock, disobeying authority and hating minorities. Francis Kilgore and Seamus Cook grew up alongside each other, and in a sense, have a deep rooted loyalty to one another, but they're not united over just friendship, but pride. White pride. Cook joined PEN1 officially in the 2000s, eventually reaching the status of a full fledged member after proving he could provide for his race. Cook took this opportunity to push dope on a larger scale, using the gangs ties and contacts to further his means of success, which were working at an alarmingly well rate. He made over twenty grand pushing pot, pills, and cocaine out of an abandoned house he used as his F.O.B and central home. He left home and dropped out of school, spending most his time around the gang. After rising to comrade, he was eventually moved to a new clique in the Hawick, those being the Satanic Skins, a white set of skinheads from the Burton and Hawick areas of Los Santos. He ran alongside the Satanic Skins, and is one of the only few members currently around to this day. The Satanic Skins dissolved somewhere between 2019 and the early months of 2020, leaving Cook to his lonesome. He spent a few months in isolation before slinking back out to the streets, clicking up with his old friend Kilgore, who since became a member of a motorcycle club and was a well respected and well guarded man. Francis Kilgore was a friend of Cook's, and they partook in many of the same past times, the largest of which was drug distribution and usage. Cook got hooked on heroin at age twenty eight, and has been fighting an uphill battle ever since. Heroin controls his life, and without a dose every now and again he goes through serious withdrawals, usually leaving him in one of the most painful states someone can be in, a craving for something used as a crutch. After becoming a heroin addict, Cook lost mostly everything, including his car, house, and job. He lives in his car and is trying to improve his life to better standards, while bringing the quality of life to those around him down. Not too long after that he was introduced to meth, and ever since that's his drug of choice, alongside heroin as his second-best. "Expert" in skinhead culture and author of "Public Enemy Number One" - "MS" "While traditional skinheads have often held an anti-drug stance, PENI is completely opposite. Members have been known to use methamphetamine and heroin." Anti Defamation League's statement regarding the gang and drug usage - "Heavily involved in the drug trade, PENI members have a strong history of violence, both in the prisons and on the streets. In addition to drug-related criminal activity, PENI members have committed a number of violent crimes, including assault, murder and attempted murder." The month is November, and Cook has come out of a drug stupor to start operations back up alongside Kilgore. He sets out with one goal in mind, to get money. Heroin and meth isn't going to buy itself.
  13. Emma's Introduction in Outlaws MC. Emma's Introduction in ULSA.
  15. Content Warning: Audrey's Diaries are not for the sensitive natured or faint of heart and might be considered offensive or upsetting to some audiences due to her life and the choices she makes through her progression such as stripping, prostitution, and other various illegal and illicit activities, with that being said, viewer discretion is advised! ? Audrey "Delirious Drama" Fox ? AGE: 22 Height: 5'5 (Without heels on ??) Weight: 135 Pounds (On and off ??) Eye Color: Green (Depending on her mood ?️?️) Hair Color: Natural Brunette (Always switches it up with wigs ?‍♀️?) Ethnicity: White Caucasian with Cherokee, Armenian, Irish, Romanichal Heritage (Extremely Exotic ?❣️) Likes: Money, Luxuries, Vacations, Shopping, Toy-Chihuahua's, Men (In that order ??️?) Dislikes: Drama, Pimps, Competition, and is allergic to pufferfish (Seafood allergy ?☠️) ?A Little Backstory ?: Audrey "Delirious Drama" Fox was born Barbara Ann Hinkley-Rosenblacht on December 12th, 1997 at the Pillbox Hill Medical center, doctor's said it was a medical miracle she survived due to her mother's lifestyle as a crack addicted prostitute. Growing up, Audrey's mother taught her to do what the girls in Playboy Magazine ? do. During Audrey's upbringing she was exposed to lots of drugs, amphetamines, exotic illegal animals, and firearms???. Her mother had a different man in bed every day of the week except Sunday's, Audrey's mother made sure to put on a facade at church to hide the bruises and tears on Audrey's face, as well as her own ?⛪. Over the years Audrey developed alcoholism at the age of Eleven, the same year her mother passed away due to lung cancer and emphysema unfortunately. After Audrey's mother passed away she went to live with her traditional travelling Irish Romanichal Gypsy Grandmother, Gram-Gram Rita. ? Gram-Gram Rita expcted Audrey to drop out of Middle-School and devote her time to perfecting the male gaze and cleaning glass table-tops to satisfy future suitors and potential husbands, per modern-Romanichal traditions. Audrey grew delirious and weary of this lifestyle, feeling confined to her grandma's lifestyles much like her deceased mother probably felt aswell, Audrey knew she had to run away and she ran from her home in Mission Row and started renting from local pimps and dealers to survive and get by. After years of abuse and horrible experiences at the hands of thugs, abusers, drug addicts, other prostitutes, pimps, and many other various hooligans and street rats, Audrey had enough and got out of the grasps of the slippery and slimey pimps that riddle the Strawberry? and Davis area's she found refuge, asylum, and danger, at... ?️? .... After time heals her physical and some of the mental wounds, Audrey turns her life around, she is now "Delirious Drama", also changing her name from Barbara to "Audrey Fox" to escape all ties from her past life... She named herself after the "Delirious", charming, and mystical/mysterious effect Audrey exudes. The "Drama" is simply for her dramatic dancer, makeup, and whimsy, effect. ?? ! Thus, the birth of Delirious Drama emerges from the depths of Davis on a cool Saturday afternoon after her heroin addicted pimp mentally and physically abused her to the point of severe trauma and pain, after she decided to leave, she was rebirthed, reborn, old life forever behind her as she lay, dizzied and dazzled on the corner, her diary continues on with the chronicles she endure's, alongside her mynky street/club companion, Lola Star? whom she met after a late night alcoholic episode relapse, and later found a life-long friend, amongst more to come... ? TO BE CONTINUED! ? Delirious's Theme Song
  16. As the drug war in Mexico escalates, drug cartels have began to employ sicaria, or hit women; the women assassins, ranging in age from 18 to 30, work alongside men. Most women are assigned to different jobs alongside Cells — such as halcones (lookouts), hit squads, and extortionists — and operate independently; the hit women are trained to use rifles and handguns and sometimes accompany their male counterparts; women in Mexico and have been previously accused of being part of kidnapping rings, often assigned to keep watch on captives; women have also held roles as recruiters, transporters and leaders of drug-smuggling cells. An alleged hit man told Mexican federal police that beautiful young women are working as killers for the Juárez and Sinaloa drug cartels. “They have to look good to deceive our opponents,” Rogelio Amaya Martínez said in a videotaped interview by Mexico’s Ministry of Public Safety.
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