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  1. Give me everything good, I'll throw it awayI wish I could quit, but I can't stand the shakes
  2. ((Hello! Thanks for visiting my slightly pretentious little corner of the forums. The following thread will tell the story of Luna Chavez - a homeless teenager suffering from a slew of mental illnesses and addictions - using an experimental 2nd person narrative combined with traditional screenshots to give you, the reader, deeper insight into the mind of the character. I hope you like it!)) Hello friend
  3. Faith White Backstory Faith has never known a city other than Los Santos, born and raised. She lived a good life with her two parents in a luxurious house in Rockford Hills. Her mother, a business woman, leading human resources of a large distribution company. Her father working an honest, yet well paying job as a trucker. Faith would be often left at home with a babysitter after her attendance from school during her early years, even going into her premature teens, both her parents were hardworking and didn't have much time for her, though even at a young age, she respected them for the life they had given her. Faith turns 13 years old. She became close with her babysitter known as "Sandra" over a couple of years, she wasn't the nicest person in the world, but she kept Faith the most company, she almost thought of her as her second mother. One night, in the early hours, Faith wakes up screaming frantically, Sandra comes bursting into her room, completely shocked and amiss at what she sees before her. Sandra does what she can to console Faith, sitting next to her and wrapping her arms around her in a tight embrace, after about ten minutes of coddling, Sandra lays Faith back down and tucks her in, not long after, Faith closes her eyes and she falls back asleep. She stops attending school, becomes increasingly underweight and has multiple psychotic episodes taking dark turns, taking knives from the kitchen and self harming, often screaming out at no one. About two months later, on a dark, cold night, she sleep walks into the kitchen and yet again, manages to find a large knife from the kitchen, regardless of Sandra's best efforts to hide them. Her arms slack against her sides, her eyes barely open as she slowly and creepily makes her way into her parents room, with a creek of the door slowly opening, she shuffles steadily towards her parents bed, the two soundly asleep from a long, hard day at work, she comes to a stop at the bedside, knife loosely kept in hand.
  4. *all images are taken in GTAV - NOTHING IRL - ALL GAME. some pictures may take a few seconds to load, be patient. PHOTOSENSITIVE EPILEPSY WARNING
  5. Hello everyone. Recently, I had the displeasure of reading this report submitted by a dear friend of mine: To summarise, the reported party’s character accused the reporting party’s character of raping her when no such thing happened. As a consequence of this false accusation, the reporting party’s character was executed. Quite frankly, I believe the whole situation was fabricated to simply deathmatch my friend's character. I'll admit, I really shouldn't jump to conclusions. Although, I've witnessed characters overtly lying about sexual abuse to ruin another character for the sake of getting revenge. Sickening, right? We are all aware that rape roleplay was rightfully banned off the server, as clearly stated in the server rules: 19) Sexual Roleplay Rules - Rape roleplay (which includes all the sexual acts defined as rape by US or EU laws) is fully forbidden on the server. Based on this rule, we are to assume that rape does not happen in the world of Los Santos. Correct me if I am wrong, but would that mean merely alluding to the subject of rape is against rule 19? We need the rules to be more clear about this. If I am incorrect about this, and false rape accusations are not in violation of rule 19, I propose we remove false rape allegation roleplay entirely off the server for the following reasons: It is not beneficial for the server in any way, shape or form. From the report above, it clearly encourages players to break other rules in order to seek vengeance, using the rape allegation as a loophole to justify their actions. We do not want that on this server. False in-character (IC) rape accusations tarnish the character's IC reputation for life. An allegation this serious renders this character unplayable as they cannot develop their character in a positive light anymore. How is this fair? False IC rape accusations also tarnish the player's reputation out-of-character (OOC). This is because it implies that the accused party genuinely roleplayed rape - effectively creating the illusion to others that they broke rule 19. I ask again: How is this fair? Quite honestly, it is also a breach of common courtesy. My stance on the matter is players who engage in this kind of roleplay should be permanently banned. No ifs, no buts. Banned. Might be harsh but I think it's for the greater good. Let me know your thoughts on this. PLEASE keep this discussion civil and respectful. This topic is a touchy subject and has affected many people in real life.
  6. Torian Mcclain also known as SK The Gunman. Picture of CPL. Yazmin Graham; Camp Pendleton OSD, aged 21 (Left) ~ Picture of United States Corps Marine Veteran Yazmin Graham; Chamberlain Hills Village SLS, aged 23 (Right)
  7. Like the title says, whats your take on it? It pops up in most discussions so lets have it civilly here? I will personally report anyone who tries to derail the thread.
  8. This will follow the life of Maria Ocampo. A El Paso native who has moved to Rancho a gang invested area. Maria Ocampo was born July 28th, 2005 in El Paso County Hospital. She was born to Miguel and Luna Ocampo. During her young age, her family was pretty normal.Living in El Paso she use to go to the neighborhood playground to play. It was her daily fun. Being yelled at by her mother from the apartment door to stop, made her feel like she couldn't be free spirited and have fun. At the age of five, Maria gained a brother. At the point of her life, things began to go down hill. Her father lost her job in the factory in El Paso, this made them move houses down to the poverty area in El Paso into a flat. Making it easier for her parents to make money and pay rent. Maria began to become a cold indiviual due to the way life was around the low poverty area. Gangs, fights, shootings were everywhere in her life. This made her father become something he prided himself never to become. A junkie. After a couple years, her mother had enough and decided to move them to San Andreas. Maria took this hard but decided it was the best. The family moved to the Rancho projects to create a new life together. Who knows what will bring Maria's life as she goes into her teenage years. Flaws: - Hot head - Because she lost alot of trust from her father, she rarely trusts older men. - Reckless and uncareful. - Easily influenced.
  9. Before this thread starts and gets derailed, take the following into account You ARE entitled to your own opinion Even if it is different to others you are not wrong, as it is an opinion Arguing is stupid and gimpish as fuck. So don't.
  10. This thread will be following the life of Timothy Varcini.
  11. This thread will be following the development and growth of Malcolm Andrews, a growing member of the Cortes Aryan Skin Heads. Malcolm Andrews also known as "Mally" or "Junior" (was born July 3rd, 2003, East-west Los Santos, Vespucci Boulevard, San Andreas) is a newfound associate of the infamous Cortes Aryan Skin Heads or otherwise known as "C-A-S-H" - the group is widely known for their practice in hate-speech, theft, drug abuse, and violent tendencies. Malcolm was raised in a rough, abusive household with his older sister Melanie; who left when she finished her Freshman year of High school... His parents "Richard Andrews" and "Bethany Andrews" split due to his fathers alcoholic issues becoming more troublesome over the years, resulting in beating his son most nights to relieve the guilt and stress. Malcolm's childhood was anything but pleasant. He continued to watch his fathers life spiral down as he continued to consume his life in a plethora of liquor. Malcolm spent most of his nights out on the streets, not wanting to go home, not wanting to feel another belt across his face. Exhausted and hungry he often found his home around the other degenerates that around Vespucci, most of those who praised the rules of hate and greed. Into his late teenage years, he continued to visit the beach, bringing his BMX to the boardwalk and the skate-park, most often could be found with his new friend "Boozer", a sickly looking individual that was consistently trying to assure Malcolm that there were better means of life around the corner - family, money, power, and respect. Malcolm started to grasp back at reality, living with his own set of rules, left the motel that his father was staying in, and started to hang closer to the scum around the beach. Eventually Malcolm was shown some ways on how to make some money on his own, by any means. Malcolm realized that there was some serious money involved, already slapping palms up with some of his newly found brothers, going to parties, and finding himself talking with various criminals, taking drugs, drinking and further being intrigued by the environment. Malcolm was always interested in furthering himself, trying to test his boundaries, knowing how easy it was to get money only made his ambitions heightened, darker and more dangerous for a youthful mind. No school, no father, no mother, and no sister. Family to him was the Beach. Money to him was everything. Fathers to him were a hold-back. Mothers to him were a lie.
  12. KC..


    Firstname: Killian Surname: Duffy Alias: Kian, Duff, Irish, Flipper D.O.B: 19-MAR-1991 P.O.B: Los Santos, San Andreas Affiliations: Magellan Avenue Crew (Connected) & North End Boys (Founder) Relations: Lulu Herrera, Eugene Duffy, John Faro, Larry Castellucci, Eugene Goretti, Robert Gatto, Shane Maguire
  13. CEECEE MÉNDEZ Full Name Chantelle Anaya Méndez Current Age 18 Birthplace Los Santos, San Andreas Hometown Houston, Texas Current City Los Santos, San Andreas Ethnicity Mixed-race (African-American, Hispanic) Chantelle is the daughter of gangster father Rafael "Bestia" Méndez and hairstylist mother Deidra Murray. Her father was a notorious gangbanger whose family had previously been involved with R13, which ultimately led to his criminal activities being uncovered and police encircling the unit where he lived with his girlfriend and daughter. Chantelle was just six months old when a swarm of cops raided her apartment and abducted her father, who was convicted and sentenced to fifteen years in a federal prison in central San Andreas. She spent her first few years of life in Rancho, often visiting her father and her mother, who became increasingly distant from him. Deidra was renowned for being a big spender and a drug addict, and she preferred to lean on Rafael rather than working for herself as a hairstylist. Her bubble was burst when her boyfriend abruptly left the scene, and she was forced to face the reality of being alone with a daughter. Deidra tried to resume her activities at the local hair salon as her opioid addiction grew, but she quickly became overwhelmed. Deidra was constantly awakened by her daughter poking her shoulder and demanding to be fed. Because of Deidra's dwindling affection for Rafael, trips to prison became more rare as she grew up. They only occurred when Deidra needed money or security from the consequences of her bad decisions and enemies. Deidra ultimately agreed to move to Houston, Texas, with a man she had only met a few weeks before, in the hopes of finding love and money away from the streets of South Los Santos. Rafael continued to make an effort to be there for her daughter, writing letters and making phone calls, as well as sending her crafted presents and photos of himself. Chantelle grew up wishing for her father to come out and pick her up so they could return to Los Santos; the memories of seeing his smile and feeling his hugs faded as she entered her teenage years. Deidra's plan for a wonderful life in Texas was clearly poorly thought out, and the two ended up in a neighborhood not dissimilar to Rancho, where Chantelle juggled her studies with caring for her mother, whose mind seemed to become increasingly poisoned by the drugs as the days passed. She heard all the threats and spiteful things Deidra bombarded Rafael with every time he couldn't give her money for the fourth time in the month, and she witnessed her mother and father fighting on the phone far too many times for her to keep track of. Despite seeing her mother's once beautiful face deteriorate and her world fall apart in front of her, Chantelle remained present and caring to her, even though she didn't feel the same way. She was the only member of her family who cared for her, and she couldn't bear losing her mother after spending her childhood apart from the person who seemed to love her the most. Chantelle's fourteenth birthday signaled the end of the last semblance of carefreeness in her life. Her mother's addictions seemed to grow and consume her, and she would call Rafael several times a week begging for money, which she would normally spend on her fix. Deidra wanted to cut off all interaction with Rafael for both herself and Chantelle when she understood that using the excuse of loans, expenses, and feeding her daughter was no longer working. Chantelle's new desires seemed to call for a waltz around the many faces of adolescent rebellion. She went from being a quiet student to being obnoxious and arrogant, skipping as many classes as she could. She began to think more about receiving likes and DMs on social media than good grades as her image shifted from that of a child to that of a woman in the making. Chantelle gradually followed in her father and mother's footsteps, developing a taste for light drugs and liquor, as well as fighting, shoplifting, car jacking, and other petty crimes to spice up her life. She pictured herself dying in a shootout or overdosing after a night out; it was almost as if she had embraced the reality that there was nothing better in store for her, that she could only go lower from there. It didn't matter to her; her resentment for her mother and the loneliness of such a mundane existence had sapped her of all happiness. That is, until her phone rang one day, and she heard her father's voice calling out to her. Rafael's voice was the only thing on the line that day, not the automated message from the federal prison collect call. The line didn't fall after fifteen minutes, the call didn't end with a sigh. That day, it ended with a deep breath that tasted like renewed intent.
  14. This thread will follow the story of Samuel 'Gremlin' Heng, and his association with the Tiny Rascal Gang.
  15. Full Name: Patricio 'DASH' Jiménez Age: 15 Birthplace: Rancho, Los Santos Ethnicity: Mexican-American Personality: Ambitious, Selfish, Optimistic, Short Tempered Family & Relatives: Isabella Jiménez [Formerly Mejia] [Mother] Rodrigo Jiménez [Father] Valentina Jiménez [Sister] Their Story: Patricio, born August 30th, 2006 to Isabella and Rodrigo Jiménez. Growing up in the Jamestown Projects, life was never easy for Patricio’s family. His father, Rodrigo was serving a 15 year sentence for armed robbery and battery. It was up to his mother, who worked two jobs to provide for him and his older sister, leaving her to spend little to no time with the kids. Valentina would look out for her younger brother, Patricio, acting as a parent; assuring he’d have something to eat every night. Being not that far off in age the pair were relatively close until his sister met her now ‘boyfriend’ Victor who slowly manipulated her into the fast life. She’d move on to become a dancer, travelling cities and different clubs. Patricio soon found himself fending for himself, his sister left to live a life that his mother didn’t agree with. Patricio would spend most of his free time outside, playing basketball or riding around on his BMX but for the times he’d be in the house, he’d be writing rhymes to instrumentals he’d find on Youtube being influenced by some of his favorite artists. Using the small amount of money his mother would leave him every other day before going to work, Patricio would hit the corner store in attempt to shoplift more than he paid for, stealing mostly snacks and junk food; often times leading to him being chased out the store by the working clerk. As of recently, he'd find himself mixed with the wrong crowd as his life took an unexpected turn. Flaws: Patricio’s knowledge would lean more to the streets than the books. His ambitious attitude while being a good thing, would feed onto Patricio's selfishness. He’d act in the best interest for himself and the people he cares for most. Patricio would be short tempered when it came to disagreements he’d have with his peers, especially if someone were to bring up his sister and her street career, dancing. This thread will follow the story of Patricio Jimenez
  16. The story of Joseph "Sneaky" Grajeda Joseph Grajeda wasn't the type of kid for gangbanging. When he was younger, he focused more on education rather than most other children within El Burro. He had his future planned out before himself, wishing to go into a BA once he finished school, however his plans were cut short after the death of his father, the man who supplied his entire household financially. Joseph was forced to move-in with his grand-parents with his mother and brother, who barely managed to pay for Joseph's education. He fell into a period of depression, bunking classes in order to hang out with James Lara, who was one of his best friends at the time. James was a horrible influence on Joseph, involving them both with the local Vista Locos gang, which had been run under Hector "Dozer" Lara, James' older brother. The duo immediately began skipping weeks of school at a time, practically living at the trap house. In grade 8, Joseph completely failed his semester, pushing him back a year, however at this point, Joseph's only interests were the gang. He influenced his brother into joining the gang, leaving their mother and grandparents' care. The duo eventually got put onto the Vista Locos 13 gang, Joseph due to his ability to easily evade the local police department (which racked him his placa as Sneaky) and his brother due to his fighting skills. The duo slumped further into the gang lifestyle as they climbed higher up the gang's structure. Joseph, who at 18 years old, was given complete responsibility of the gang by Hector "Dozer" Lara, who had constantly been a father figure for Joseph.
  17. Isaiah's upbringing was similar to most of his friends, his father had little to do with him for most of his life, spending most of his time at home with his struggling mother who worked multiple jobs to keep the lights on in their home. Therefore, he was left to do whatever he wished from a young age. Most of his friends, began hanging around the local gang of his neighbourhood; Vista Locos 13. He would soon follow suit, and start making himself known to the OGs of the gang and ending up becoming a well known tag artist in the El Burro Heights area.. He was jumped into the clique, Dozer Lokos around the age of thirteen. School has always been a struggle for Isaiah, rarely spending any of his time there. Usually getting into fights, when he does attend. His mother would try to get him to attend when she was not at work, but the pair would rarely see each other due to Isaiah rarely going home, when she is able to be there due to work. His motives lie elsewhere. He now finds himself sixteen, and put on to the set. Most of the older members of the gang are currently incarcerated, leaving the remaining few to step up. Isaiah, being one of them. This thread will follow the story of Isaiah 'Goblin' Jimenez, a young gangbanger from Amarillo Vista, El Burro Heights.
  18. This thread follows a local rapper / gang banger from the Chamberlain Area.
  19. JULIAN "HECTIC" ALONZO LEGAL NAME Julian Mateo Alonzo ETHNICITY Cuban-American BACKSTORY Julian grew up around drugs, his father was (No) good- Keeping him alive for his younger years; corruption and smuggling, his father did best. Making most his money in the drug business. Julian wasn't part of his fathers endeavors, and his father kept him out of the loop and in the dark, but Julian wasn't stupid, hiding when the police showed was a regular occurrence, and telling his friends that his father drove "Cargo Boats" for a living was the norm. His mother kept in the house mostly, only leaving for groceries or supplies, she was a well mannered lady around thirty five like his father. She had friends, though most of them were her husbands-friends wives, as Ricardo didn't allow her to speak to whom he didn't know. His life was simple, school, help around the house, don't speak about his father in public... That all changed around his ninth birthday. The day started normal, but ended in one fatality, and Julian and his mother becoming fugitives. Illegally immigrating into Los Santos, they seeked asylum in the lower class section of South LS, he's trying just to stay alive and keep his Mother safe, with his father being slain by police. He's haunted by the constant reminder of how he knows it might all end. He starts his story, here in Rancho. FOLLOW UP (JUNE 2021) Julian has found himself becoming heavily affiliated with the upcoming Varrio Rancho 13 clique Curbside Baby Winos, which is ran by Julian's brother figure Elijah "Tiny Temper" Munoz, who he met in summer school and re-connected with later on in the year, despite their age gap about two to three years, the duo gets together extremely well. Elijah Munoz is honestly a terrible influence and person to look up too, but Julian has found nobody else like him. Julian is more loyal to Munoz than anybody in the entire hood, as he provides a roof over his head when his parent's get angry with him. Julian is slowly becoming just as much of an addict as Munoz, and god knows what other traits he will pick up along the way, at only the age of 15, Julian Alonzo has become heavily educated on the culture and lifestyle his "older brother" lives in, and is becoming more intelligent on specific things to street crimes and how to do them, to fire arms and narcotics. KNOWN FLAWS Bad eyesight leads him to wear a heavy prescription, though he rarely does. His hard headed-ness keeps most people away from him, and his drug use in his early teen years has caught up with him, suffering withdraws and bad trips. Julian is a different kid on his "special medicine" but is still sociable like usual. TRIGGER WARNING: This thread is showing the life of a kid growing up in one of the most dangerous areas of Los Santos, this thread will include many sensitive scenes, topics and situations that could trigger people, viewer discretion is advised.
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