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  1. A lot of people I know are not getting their starter paychecks.
  2. Complain the lack of RICO laws, not that you are being extorted.
  3. Is it possible to see it in person? Offering starting bid as well.
  4. Somewhere around march-june this year RICO law was implemented by then Rockford administration. It was removed soon after due to reasons that I'm not actually aware of. Now, on the point of business owners, rather than getting their voice heard, staging a protest, making posts on facebrowser, doing ANYTHING about it ICly they rather decide to complain about it on the forums hoping their troubles vanish. As for those who are already cracking their fingers ready to tell me that ‚‚tAkE iT iC'' never works, it does work. We've had multiple cases of IC issues being resolved ICly, through IC act
  5. I would assume that you got the hint when it was shut down, instead you go to other thread and try to argue it... why? And yes, lack of RICO law regarding extortion at the moment is IC issue, something that can easily be tackled ICly if people actually tried.
  6. Credits to @Rumbunctiousfor this GTA:W evergreen. Extortion 101.
  7. 90's Serbia is calling, it wants it's guide back...
  8. (( OOC note here, you can fill in the form without logging in your g-mail account and as such you may fill in raffle in safety and anonymity. That also means that this wont be tracking your emails, only reason I am using google forms is to make it easier for everyone ))
  9. Golden Koi Promotional Raffle Golden Koi, a gambling lounge located in Rockford Hills is celebrating it's soon to be grand opening by starting a free to participate raffle, in which owner will be going home with a prize of $100.000. In order to partake in the raffle, all you have to do is apply with your name and phone number, so you may be contacted in case of winning. Number will be automatically assigned when applying. Raffle winner will be picked and declared on 22th of January. Apply here: https://forms.gle/q8dRtCWkxQyiAHcM9
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