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  1. The legend of legends You know me bro, I love my gruesome rp, we both learned that in demons, DFFD. Thanks for the support bro Out here collecting your local dead. Haha thanks man.
  2. Trust me, I learn from the best. Your previous thread was fire! Inspiration from you is all over this thread @Law!
  3. Interested, willing to do fully buyout of $120,000 Withdraw, seller is inactive.
  4. Los Santos County Department of Coroner "Law and Science Serving the Community" The Los Santos Department of Coroner is a faction that focuses on primarily the role-play surrounding medical examiners and forensic investigations on death. Our core goal is to provide the most realistic role-play possible with our script limitations and imagination. We aim to portray the standard set in place by Los Angeles County Department and fellow departments world-wide. The Los Santos Department of Coroner was founded in 1982 which serves all of San Andreas, this includes all of it's surrounding counties. On a daily basis, the Los Santos Department of Coroner is known for assisting both Los Santos Police Department and Los Santos County Sheriff's Department in providing detailed reports on bodies that may have resulted from homicide or accidental death. The Current Chief Medical Examiner running the Los Santos location is Andy Smith. Dr. Smith has a history in Forensic Science and has worked at the department for over fourteen years. The Assistant Chief Medical Examiner was appointed in 2015 by Dr. Smith. The Assistance Chief Medical Examiner is Isaiah Ray. Dr. Ray has been employed by the department for over ten years and has had a lengthy but extremely successful career with the department. The mission of the Department of Coroner is to follow the mandated laws of San Andreas to investigate and determine all manners of death. This ranging from homicides, suicides, accidental death, and natural deaths. All investigations that require law intervention are forwarded to the discovering departments. Our goal is not to only serve and provide detailed reports to law enforcement agencies. But it is to also provide closure in families and members of the public. We strive towards providing respectful hospice in body storage for the dead until their final resting grounds. We treat each guest with the proper amount of respect and decency that any person truly deserves. This means we provide not only storage, but we also provide death certifications, cremating, and funeral arrangements for those of the dead if requested by the families. The objective of identification also falls under our core mission. This is done through the means of matching the identification to the decedents, these are completed during the process of collection. We conduct detailed DNA's testing to ensure we can match our decedents with full names and alert the next of kin. In-some cases we will not be able to identify bodies if no information has been previous collected or found on the decedents. Our current location is located in Los Santos on Crusade Road 1959, Strawberry, Los Santos, SA In the Department of Coroner the employments starts at the position of Medical Examiner Trainee. During this time frame you will begin the training into becoming a full Medical Examiner, after completion of 30-day probationary period with a completion of the field training program. Recruitment is completed through the Los Santos Government website. You can access this information below this post and throughout this document. Recruitment will open monthly if required, if you're interested in future employment we suggest you review the website posted below. Best of luck to your future career with us! >> DEPARTMENT OF CORONER WEBSITE << Chief Medical Examiner The Chief Medical Examiner is the highest-ranking member within the whole of the department. He's in charge of keeping the entire department in check. The Chief is in charge of the overall welfare of both the department and the members regardless of rank. The Chief works in both the field and from the desk, managing members in the field when needed, but also performing administrative work from the desk. Some of the administrative duties of the Chief are keeping the website ((forums)) in check, managing the public image of the department, managing departmental protocols, making budget decisions, and writing administrative documentation such as the promotions of members at the end of each month. There can only be one Chief. Assistant Chief Medical Examiner The Assistant Chief Medical Examiner is the second-highest-ranking member of the Department. The main job of the Assistant Chief is to help the Chief run the department smoothly and efficiently. The Assistant Chief works alongside the Chief helping him accomplish any goals within the department, as well as doing anything the Chief passes on to him or her. The Assistant Chief is both a field position and an administrative one, assisting the Chief in managing units in the field and assisting the Chief in any administrative documentation being made. The Assistant Chief will take command of the department and its members in the absence or resignation of the Chief. There can only be one Assistant Chief. Supervising Medical Examiner The Supervising Medical Examiners are in charge of the day to day management of both the field and administrative work. The main job of Supervising Medical Examiners is to handle and manage the day to day activities of the members below their rank. They're to handle situations when the Assistant Chief or Chief are not available. They're to manage the Senior Medical Examiners and Medical Examiners; helping them handle their duties while on-duty. While not on-duty, the Supervising Medical Examiners handles the brunt of the administrative work within the department, from handling the website to helping the Assistant Chief or Chief draft and finalize new protocols/parts of the department. Senior Medical Examiners and Medical Examiners These ranks are the backbone of the entire department, as they make up the highest percentage of members. Without them out in the field handling day to day duties, the department would not be able to sustain itself. These coroners are encouraged to put their whole hearts into the department and are most likely who the public will interact with on a day to day basis as they will be handling 99% of most calls that come for the Office regarding anything. Senior Medical Examiners are allowed to handle supervisory situations when a Supervising Medical Examiner is not present. However, once the situation has been cleared, they must report to a Supervising Medical Examiner about the incident that took place. They are able to join the Recruitment Unit if they wish to bring in new members into the department. Medical Examiners are the lowest ranking members within the department. They handle 99% of the calls, along with Senior Medical Examiners. However, they are not able to join the Recruitment Unit unless permission is given by Recruitment Command. Medical Examiner Trainee Medical Examiner Trainees are civilians who are going through training to be a part of the Department of Coroners. Their main job is to learn how to be a Coroner. They will normally handle the same duties as a Medical Coroner however they are not allowed to receive calls alone until they have completed their mandatory Field Training week. Press Releases are allowed to be request by any member of public for any situation that we encounter. We however, will not release private or personal information on the deceased without approval of the family first. If you require information of an on-going investigation we suggest you reach out to the Los Santos Police Department or Los Santos County Sheriff's Department. For further request and information please visit our website for press releases. Website Access Here The goal of the faction it to provide a realistic approach to after-life role-play for the community. We understand at times it can become very dead (No pun intended) and you will be required to create your own role-play. This is something you must understand before joining the faction, that role-play will all come from what YOU can bring to the table. Our faction has a strict set of guidelines to ensure the faction image is held to extremely high-standards. If at anytime you become a threat or problem for the faction it will result in instant removal. If you have any questions on the faction, please feel free to reach out to @Cheeezy or @Swei Credits to any sources used in this document. We do not own or claim any information in this topic. This information was collected from new, old, and future sources. If you have any issues with the information located in this post please reach out to @Cheeezy or @Swei via forum PM immediately.
  5. scuffed staff update, want a refund, congrats kids @Jesu1 @Pillsbury @Doosty
  6. Hands down the only way to do screens
  7. Looking to purchase a property in Paleto Bay, prefer a view of the ocean. Money isn't an issue. Shoot me a text 38542465
  8. Welcome and congrats fam @MrsHamster @Pillsbury @AshenOne
  9. Damn... Welcome to the team! @Chiky
  10. I totally agree with you on that. We truly do need something that let's people know what we can an can't do. Cause honestly I was confused as hell when it all started till I asked a million times.
  11. What I am saying is you ASK in /report it is then discussed by management and then decided if we can or can't allow it. So far the only two major things of this year that have been halted in the sense of role-play is COVID and Floyd situation. They make the final call at the end of the day, we just enforce it. I am not saying that you should ignore the entire world I stated in my OWN opinion that we should focus more on things happening in the server then having to use IRL stuff to spark something. Everyone here is extremely creative and can probably do a lot of insane life-changing things in the server, but people rather use IRL stuff over their OWN creativity. Not sure where you got that STAFF is saying you can't RP anything cause you must have gotten lost somewhere in my walls of text. But those are my own opinions for the final time on record cause I know people love twist things up.
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