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  1. Some fine ass names rocking these colors.
  2. Looking to purchase a property in the county side. Prefer home if possible, trailer depending on the condition is also acceptable.
  3. Cheeezy

    Among Us

  4. 116 Fudge Lane + Garage House comes as is. Buyout $135,000
  5. Official Job Board of May 2021 (Open positions below) Fleet Manager (2 Positions) (Salary 85% payout + additional weekly pay) Previous experience of 2+ Years Human Resources (1-2 Positions) (Weekly salary) Previous experience of 2+ Years Educational background (graduate, post-grad, degree) Supervisors (2-5 Positions) (Salary 85% payout + additional weekly pay) Previous experience 1+ Years Drivers (5-20+ Positions) (Salary 85% payout) Previous experience 6+
  6. Druuuug druuuuuug yeeeeeeeeeeeees
  7. Looking to sell your used courier vehicles? If so contact 5620 with offers of vehicles or email us today ((forum pm))! Coastal Freight is interested in purchasing two vapid speedo's and four mules vehicle status doesn't matter to us as we will certify the vehicles after purchase.
  8. @Lazarat Are these still up for sale?
  9. Travis Barton - "Untamed" This will follow the story of ex-deputy sheriff Travis Barton as he explores the underground world of tattooing and Asian scene of Los Santos.
  10. Tatsu Studio - ドラゴンスタジオ This will follow the development of Tatsu Studio located in Little Seoul. (This topic will be updated periodically)
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