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  1. Big house with 3 bedrooms upstairs, including a bathroom and a balcony. Email me for more information or you can start placing your bid Update: Lowered buyout price ((The interior is Michael's house)) Sold /pinfo:
  2. Lumbini Tea House is a Nepali tea house. We strive to provide our customers with traditional Nepali food paired with a peaceful atmosphere to enjoy it in. We import many of our materials from Nepal. We sell comfort food and an extensive list of teas. For thos that are interested we also sell the very same tea leaves in boxes so you can make it yourself at home if you choose to do so! The restaurant is located on Hawick Avenue in Burton, Los Santos. Parking is available directly next to our building. Menu We offer a variety of Nepali comfort food and an extensive list of teas to choose from. If you have any questions about the items feel free to ask! Careers Thinking of joining the team? As a crew member your responsibilities will include: Operating kitchen appliances. Cooking orders that come in or preparing beverages. Keeping the tea house tidy. Providing quality customer service.
  3. Engrish

    Chat anims

    The chat system was already implemented long time ago. It just broke after the migration to RAGE MP. If you press R (attack) and spam chat, you'll see it working briefly.
  4. For real I been thinking about this idea the other day. I think it would up the drug sales too.
  5. Username: Grg_97 Comment: I contacted Ms. Wilson for a design project. We talked all about floorplans, estimates and the ideas we wanted to include. It was a project that was mostly finished already and just needed a few final touches. Repeatedly we contacted Ms. Wilson after and got nothing but "Sure I can do it today, later, etc...". That time never came however. We wasted several days on this designer. We wrote afterwards a few times and got no replies whatsoever. Since then we've gone with a different designer. I highly recommend people use caution when using this person for design if you value your time and want your project finished in a timely manner. The only solace I've gotten from this situation is that now I know better. Clearly the better choice is those that are more serious about their craft. Ms. Wilson is not.
  6. The picture needs to be updated, for the LA road mod, you need to put the LA_ROADS folder in the dlcpacks for it to work.
  7. I don't know I haven't tried to install any mods on RAGE but check this out:
  8. https://www.gta5-mods.com/weapons/gun-sounds-overhaul-6b4936e6-20fd-4789-921c-23e5d1f492bd The pistol sound on this one sounds nice. Not sure if it works on rage mp tho.
  9. Fr tho the new ad system is BS. I'd rather pay for weapon skins or some fancy clothes & shit like that than to pay for a business icon and to gain advantage over non-donors with ads.
  10. Maybe a pdf of your bank statement on your UCP account every month that'd be sick.
  11. I may be wrong but I think Rage MP doesn't support mods atm.
  12. ^ Something has to be done about the biz icons only redtricted to gold donators.
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