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  1. I have the same all the time. Pressing ctrl + alt + del, opening task manager and tabling back into game usually solves it
  2. FOR SALE PFISTER NEON Performance and security upgrades 220 miles on odometer Fully electric car ASKING PRICE: $450.000 Contact: [email protected] ((FORUM PM)) or phone 6464
  3. Username: Freya666 Comment: If you would see what they see every day and what they have to go through, you'd be crying somewhere in your corner like a little girl. So shut the fuck up, be happy they save your stupid asses when you need it and let them do at the station whatever the fuck they want.
  4. Username: Trump2024 Comment: This news are funded by russian propaganda shaming our american values!
  5. Username: DancingPanda Comment: Maybe you should have dance with them, it would be much better invested time than writing this crap.
  6. Buying Dinka Sugoi in any condition. Hit me up with offers. Email me if you are selling one. ((Forum PM))
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