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  1. Username: ITSYAHOMEBOIHOODIEJIM1341 Comment: An other victim of gang violence😡!? Where the cops at doe??????
  2. The offer is no longer available. (( L&A please ))
  3. Selling my black Vapid Torrence with after market parts: - Suspensions - Brakes - Engine - Transmission - GPS in the center console - Turbo - Roll cage & Bull bar The car is street legal and is insured for 28 days. Asking price is firm and non-negotiable: 60 000$ Pictures of the vehicle: (( OOC /vstats: ))
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    The offer is no longer available. (( Lock and archive please ))
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    Apartment for sale, located in La Puerta, on Rub Street. It is spacious with an incredible view on the neighborhood and Vespucci Beach. The windows located all around the rooms provides the apartment with excellent lighting. Selling it for 240,000$. Interior: Exterior: ((OOC Information:))
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