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  1. looking forward for the Sheriff's faction! Finnaly some good new's for me! :D
  2. sicko

    Timecycle poll

    1:1 keep it as it is.
  3. It's dope! From what I got from first episode!
  4. The signing process takes about what 1 minute? Or even less.. On the other hand we should move everything to main forums more or less.. Which is just not great and most of us are active on PD forums I can say where we have everything.. Just more forums for us then along with the others we have already to keep a track off.
  5. No, this is not needed.. I mean I can speak for myself, it's alot more easier to have applications on PD forums for us, because we have all the forms all the threads there which makes for us more work to do on forum for that application. You or anyone else applying for it, just makes the application which is 10 minutes of work...
  6. Yes, I support this aswell we need 24/7 there and a gas station would be nice!
  7. Just no.. That's why you have a real person to RP with.. It would be a matter of time when someone will start to troll with those NPC's and randomly killing them and all of that, just no.
  8. Good luck boy's! Can't wait to see you around :)
  9. Yes, it would bring only good to the server.
  10. No, it's not needed at all.. We get our badges from the department we don't choose what kind of badge we want at all..
  11. Right now you can only go like 20-40-60-80 etc, when you want it active. What I suggest is to make it like 10-20-30 etc. As the city limit is 50 as far as I know and the highway 70 something like that..
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