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  1. Again comedy is subjective, and as I said either non of it's ok, or all of it's ok, I hardly see why we need to Increase moderation when the mute feature is avaliable, and to you these slurs may not be funny, but given context they can be very easily comedic, and it's not out fault that you or someone else gets angry or offended when it's clearly meant as a joke. If it causes you so much of an issue that you make complaints, then just mute the person or leave the server, we should cater to the mass not the I dividual.
  2. Yes, look at the screenshots on the original post, it's a 6 car garage
  3. I hardly see the need for bots, and most the time I've seen people use slur words like the n word, or just casual homophobia has been used purely comedic. And it goes to the saying that it's either all ok, or non of it is, obiously these people don't have racical or hompohboic intent, and if they did I imagine it would of been a hell of a lot more clearer as to who they where by the manor in which they use it. And I seriously doubt that people will be put off by seeing some of the shitpost in the chat, that's like 99% of every discord servers under the sun, if it really is that much of an issue then block the person, that way you won't see what they post anymore.
  4. Starting price: $180,000 Minimum bid amount: $10,000 Buyout price: $260,000
  5. Is this even up for sale still? and what's the current bid?
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