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  1. I love the open driver window on the engine, a bit of fresh air ?
  2. This suggestion is really needed, it will also remove another task from the admins.
  3. I'd love to join such a roleplay opportunity
  4. Yeah, that kind of sucks, maybe something else could be made to keep those who are loving trucking entertained. Some other cargo routes etc
  5. I really don't understand why this is not being modified...
  6. Not sure how business restocking works, but what if business owner would be required to submit a restocking request in game, how many crates he needs and then the trucking companies would bid the price per crate and the business owner chooses which company he whishes to deliver his goods and he should stick with that company for atleast 1 week or month until being able to switch it or continue with same company. Of course during this period the company shouldn't be allowed to change the price of crates.
  7. Only way I can think of is to add a floating text above the car which is visible to anyone who holds ALT pressed and is near the vehicle.
  8. Yes but you advertise in places which allow such things, not break other community's rules and destroy the players experience to advertise your server.
  9. "Targeted advertisements on major SAMP/MTA servers", zero dignity here, going on another server to advertise your server. Pathetic.
  10. @JoeWarner - while on someone's profile, if I hover over my name, top right, at friends, it shows the number of friends of that person instead of mine. - update the notifications bar when clicking on 'clear all notifications' without refreshing the page.
  11. Register on the UCP https://gta.world/ucp you can find it there.
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