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  1. E-mail Address: huerta1618 Comment: flynn has my vote!!!! keep central dist red!!!
  2. I agree with this completely, which is why I suggested that a command be present for us to 'mark' vehicles available for impound. Let's say the LSSD has signed a contract with Ray's Garage & Towing out of Davis. A radio channel frequency would be made available for both Ray's mechanics' and LSSD deputies. A deputy would be able to call over the radio for a tow, and have someone respond. The deputy would then be use his little command near the target vehicle to allow the mechanic to take the vehicle and impound it. Now, whether or not someone is capable of doing such job professionally, is up to the towing business owner. A legal faction leader would be most inclined to hire a towing company known for its reputation of hiring good, experienced professionals, than a company that hires just anyone off the street. This would also generate competition amongst business owners to hire the best of the best.
  3. Going to go ahead and resurrect this suggestion as I feel this is one of the key things missing from the server right now. I think PD/SD/FD should have access to a command that marks a vehicle for impound, allowing mechanics in tow trucks to impound the vehicle. As for how to manage who comes to impound, then that'll be up to faction leaders to negotiate a contract with a towing company, setting up a specific radio channel to call their respective impounders to the target vehicle. If we ever get City Services set-up then there could be two options, either call up a garage/towing company or call for city services over departmental. This system would allow business owners to invest in tow trucks and compete for contracts with legal factions. (Also, we need flatbed tow truck mods.)
  4. I'm having this exact same issue since the recent Rage update, and I'm running everything on my SSD. EDIT: I fixed my issue by simply deleting my client resources folder from the C:\RageMP\ directory and reinstalling all server assets. I also restarted my computer and it worked flawlessly again.
  5. House Aegon VI Targaryen (Young Griff, not Dany) & House Blackfyre
  6. I agree with OP, however, as mentioned, it can be useful for certain situations. What I suggest is that the admins limit the range that it's shown to a much shorter distance. This could work for both name and health bar, to prevent players being able to 'see' others around corners, or through objects. If possible, the distance could be 'melee' distance, of 1 or 2 meters.
  7. Great suggestion. This could also apply to glasses too. Maybe have it like it is on GTA:Online.
  8. Completely unnecessary and defeats the entire purpose of /ame. If you want your /ame to show in chat, use /me. It would make more sense to have /me's show above the characters head and in the chat than making /ame both.
  9. I agree with Jimenez. These suggestions, unfortunately, don't bring anything to the table.
  10. Good suggestion. Definitely a must-have.
  11. Why does the server have to be a 1:1 ratio with real life?
  12. Not everyone goes to nightclubs, slangs dope, or hunts criminals. My suggestion on Discord a few weeks ago was to increase the time cycle so that 1 in-game day = 12 real-life hours. That way both US and EU timezones could enjoy day/night cycles. "Oh but what about nightclubs!!" - You don't need 12 hours of night to enjoy nightclub rp... I doubt anyone spends more than an hour or two inside one of those anyway. If we bump the cycle up, you go to a club, "party" for a few hours, when you step outside, it's morning! Oooh!
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