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  1. LSPD/LSSD: *Strictly Monitoring a High Risk, escalating scene.* *One guy with his Rental Blista:* @OneEightSeven
  2. +1 - I totally support this. As a person who has played here a long time, on Illegal, Legal and General/Civilian Roleplay. I have noticed there is a lack of roleplay around a large scale scene. I have kept various videos of incidents where players have purposely ignored areas where they should roleplay, and have continued to go in like it's a Playfield. When actually in most cases, they ran on foot next to the body, or cycled OVER the body infront of SWAT, CNT, and General LSPD Staff. - You would not risk Felony Charges, for the simple mindset of an ego. By all means harass the Police here-and-there for being in your hood, or ruining your night if the LSPD/LSSD caused the shooting. But please-.. Don't attract attention to yourself and ruin the genuine scene roleplay.
  3. Short description: Enable a prefix to be allowed at the end of the command "/fuel", so that players can utilize Cash or Bank. Detailed description: I've noticed that with my time here, There has been times, especially within /pduty or /mduty, that the Government pays for the fuel. However it needs to factually exist on your person to cover the amount, if not, it doesn't let you /fuel despite the Government-Faction stuff. - Same with civilian (of course.) Commands to add: /fuel cash (To take money from hand). /fuel bank (To take money from bank. Items to add: N/A. How would your suggestion improve the server? I find that it would be beneficial to those who wish to RP not having much cash on hand, but like to safeguard it in the bank. - It is a basic suggestion, but I think it would help alot. Additional information: N/A.
  4. But as for "dihydrogen monoxide" that sounds like a yummy drink 🙂
  5. Personally. I feel that this situation overall is "each to their own". We all have roleplay styles, just like someone may have a style for being a Police Officer, a Criminal (Gang Member/ etc.), or just a Day-To-Day Civilian. The context of how people roleplay shouldn't be limited or determined by any individual. - As long as the the /me and /do consists of correct grammar, English and general vocabulary. I don't think that there's too many people who do extensive /me and /do 's , but generally I write at length and in detail because I want my actions to be visible to the mind as much as it may be a game. I may not be the only one who does this, but I feel that the standards of certain areas enforces this extent of roleplay. Afterall. It is a "Heavy Roleplay Community" thus, enforcing it.
  6. Also. As to reading a few of these responses. Some issues don't seem to be with the Faction, Los Santos Police Department as a whole. It seems to be about a minority. I will admit there has been times where players like any other has made questionable judgement. We are apart of a faction. We're not robots or emotionless. Sometimes some people have more than just the game going on, in their lives. - I've seen rights and wrongs if every type of roleplay during my time within roleplay and here, in GTA-World itself. - Unfortunately, like the real world there will never be 'total perfection', no matter how many rules, posts, threads or complaints you make. However I can assure you that the Los Santos Police Department Members, and Senior Staff/Command/Executive etcetera, are doing our very best to make the experience enjoyable. As for "Police Cruisers being fast", the only vehicle that has extensive capabilities to catch what we'd call modified sports vehicles, is our Interceptor. Which we need to have approval from a Supervisor, should there not be of anyone whom is in what's called our Traffic Enforcement Division. - We've had and have lower capable vehicles, such as the Scout, Granger, VVPI, and Buffalo, which all exceed in their specific areas. - This no doubt, and I've done my research before writing this, is in fair game. Because in real life, Police Departments don't buy stock bone or easy made vehicles to give advantage or fair. There's plenty of Departments; and some of what we base as to/in the LSPD, that hire professional garages or contracts to modify their vehicles. Such as the purchase of the Dodge Charger V8 / V10 Builds, that have alot of great capabilities. - Despite this, this isn't the reason we reduced. We reduced for plentiful reasons - Some are also OOC as GTA V is not totally realistic and excessive speed above what's known in the game would be unbareable. But now speaking of You and LSPD sort of topics. Should a decision or judgement be questionable. There is places to go about that. And if you feel you've been severely wronged by a member. There's areas like Internal Affairs, Faction Management, Player Standards/Roleplay, Forum Report Section. - I'm not stating that this is the only way the Los Santos Police Department Faction hears you. Because trust me, there's a lot of us and word of suitable/relevant topics spread just like a Forum. - I've been in the Faction, give or take nearly two years now. And I've been on the server near-since it's opening. I've had many interactions of the Illegal, Legal, and Policing Roleplay. And out of all of them I can say I'm proud to be in the LSPD Faction, due to our progress, and continuous strive to make the changes that we're permitted to work with. I have never singly selected out any Suspect, or Civilian because they're affiliated or on any OOC basis. I have not caused discomfort to anyone within any purpose or ill intent and I know that there's plenty faction members out there whom also have gone above and beyond. - I do not feel that we're perfect, or that we're blame free from any incident that has occurred incorrectly or may occur incorrectly. But that's how we progress and learn. LSPD Faction does take accountability for it's actions and plenty of it can be seen in the Forum Reports, and our own Public Section on the LSPD Forum. Dishonourable Discharges, IC and OOC do occur, not regular due to limitations of Illegal Content as LSPD without permission. But on the OOC Part, we all do our part to make sure you guys have the best fun you can, and there will never be total symmetry of ideas or vision of the LSPD Faction. - Some may deem an action appropriate, where as one whom may not be familiar with legal constitutions and other areas of Law/Legality itself may see an action as (passive) aggressive, or full attentive/passive. And it wont be cured, because if we all had to stop and go out in OOC in any platform mid-situation because a situation isn't how a person wants it to be. It wouldn't be roleplay. It'd be a script and re-inacted. I do feel there will be some areas that our faction can improve, and some players themselves. No doubt, probably not known to me yet (as I'm still in the same fields as I've been for a long time due to my own comfort and choice), I may have other areas to work on in the future. But you can always approach that person and have a nice chat with them, whether alone or supervised by someone you trust from the staff. (My post here, does not speak on behalf of any seniority to the Faction, but only of my own input as a long-standing Faction Member and Player.) - Besides this post. I hope you're all keeping safe and well! 🙂
  7. In definite support of this! I also too, took out a Sniper Rifle in due shootout like a doi-doi, instead of a Patrol Rifle. So like the /vtitem and /ptitem stuff, I'd love to see a "You have taken a [ITEM] from the gunrack/vehicle." on client side, and not roleplay-line.
  8. You also need to consider the Bottleneck of your PC build. Whether your parts are actually compatible and operating below a minimal percentage.
  9. A common issue with this game is that people are using HDD - HARD DRIVE over optimisation for SSD - Solid State Drives. Many people I have played with on this Community have found my tip to be very helpful, especially if you use the SAMSUNG EVO SSD's for your game solely, and aswell as your Operating System, as the lag is not only your game performance with it's Hardware, but it's the fluctuation of file transfer happening when it's trying to render certain objects and scenery. @Cacksii
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