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  1. I am the most active permanently banned player on the community.

  2. TSB

    Need an advice

    Thanks for getting me banned on GTAW in-game for this situation, lmao. Being drunk is not an excuse. You're still able to control yourself. She obviously didn't matter enough to you. Anyhow, accept the consequences and move on. You're still young and exploring 'love' and 'sexuality'. You'll find another girl in future you're going to like and love, more than this one - or a dude, depending if you change your sexuality.
  3. It doesn't work like that. You need to have active calls/clients to get 4k. You can't just drive around on duty and get 4k. I know that for a fact because my character goes to a bar until he gets a call. I drive a cab most of the time when I am online. But if I am busy with something else, I try my best IC-ly to stop the shift. I play on GMT +1/+2 between 17-00h. I'd usually drive a cab until like 19h and then do some other type of roleplay. Taxi calls at this period are not so often, though.
  4. This. My character drives a cab for living along with illegal roleplay (bouncing gigs, drugs, etc). Tips are decent in general and most of people roleplay, engage in conversations and share information. However, it'd be cool to drive taxi with a normal car and being able to put a sign on top of your car.
  5. Glad to see a properly developed Balkan faction. Keep it up. 🙂
  6. Vi u Splitu rođeni za dilanje narkotika.
  7. TSB

    Removal of nametags

    I'm talking about nametags above heads, not chat. Anyhow, people say this is not possible. Can somebody explain to me why does a community (which I won't name) with ~300,000 members function properly without nametags above heads? And then you have 100+ smaller communities on that same GTA V multiplayer mod (not RageMP) that don't have nametags and function properly. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- People that look the same is just lack of character development. GTA V offers facial customization that rarely anybody uses. GTA V offers various clothing types and textures that rarely anybody uses. Yet, GTAW claims to be a heavy roleplay community.
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