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    Does the Asbo come with a hood? If not I'll offer $8000
  2. Rust is the best weight reduction
  3. That's cute. I've got a '97 Corolla with 86hp and no air conditioning Everything is manual, like windows, seats, transmission, so nothing can break. Except the power steering which barely works.
  4. Ouch

    BF Club

    Hello. Would it be possible to check out the vehicle in person?
  5. Offering 14500
  6. I would like to see the tow truck in person, would that be possible?
  7. Definitely the Merit, had one for over 600 miles but I scrapped it accidentally. Also the Ingot.
  8. Buyout. Contact me via email ((PM))
  9. Poorly rp'd robbery in middle of the street, who would have guessed that? Not me, right? /s
  10. I must go with the Ingot. It's slow and boring like me.
  11. Looking to buy flatbed, send your offers to jaan.ivano[email protected] ((Forum pm))
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