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  1. Maybe in the future. I got a backlog of stuff to do for irl stuff. But, feel free to inbox me and I'll see if I can do it if I got some spare time.
  2. Username: Anonymous Comment: Surprised they even had an Officer available for comment. Too busy shootin' innocents.
  3. Username: Jorgensen Comment: Amen brother, a friend gone too soon. Sleep well brother.
  4. Username: Anonymous Comment: Maybe they'll let you die next. You deserve to die for this comment.
  5. Engineer Killed in Vehicular FireMonday, April 12th, 2021LSFD Public Information Officer Alex Jorgensen The Los Santos Fire Department regrets to inform you of a Line of Duty Death in the passing of an active member, Engineer Freddie Martinez. Freddie lost his life following a difficult battle from complications after being involved in an operation to assist a deputy entrapped during a vehicular fire at Pacific Bluffs on the Great Ocean Highway. His passing saddens the entire Los Santos Fire Department.Freddie joined the department in January of 2021, A Los Santos native serving his
  6. I believe they do, many people are standing in line for nightclubs from 8-9pm. They're also open from before midnight because after 1:45am in California it's illegal to serve alcohol.
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