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  1. LOS SANTOS FIRE DEPARTMENT PRESS RELEASE - Rockford Hills HazMat Callout Rockford Hills HazMat Callout⠀⠀Written by: Torstein LindstromPublished: 27/11/2020Citizens of Rockford Hills Plaza were disturbed by the smell of chemicals burning at a structural fire on Movie Way in an underground passage to a car park with civilian access.At 7:24 PM on 24 November 2020, The Los Santos Fire Department's Urban Search and Rescue team received a dispatch call regarding an on-going vehicle fire, coming from the entrance of the garage at Marathon Avenue, situated right in the middle of Rockford Hills. The call was later upgraded to a structural fire due to the exposure of the garage and multiple vehicles stored. Two commercial vans and a forklift were destroyed and caution was exercised during overhaul due to the presence of Hazardous Materials.Knockdown was declared at 20:53 and the scene was handled by Squad 3 of USAR's Hazardous Materials Response Team. An investigation into the fire is on-going with the State Fire Marshal's Office. The cause of the fire is currently unknown, including the materials involved. Edited November 18 by KoishiKomeiji
  2. LOS SANTOS FIRE DEPARTMENT PRESS RELEASE - Meet The Employee: Leonardo Holman Meet the Employee: Leonardo Holman⠀Written by: Alice MacCarthyPublished: 25/11/2020The Los Santos Fire Department is made up of a dedicated team of employees who serve Los Santos and surrounding areas with courage, integrity and pride every day of their lives. Over the next couple of months you'll be able to learn a bit more about the individuals that give it their all to keep you safe and well. This week, Public Relations sat down with Station Seven's Captain Leonardo Holman. Leonardo talks to us about his motivations for joining the Los Santos Fire Department, what he enjoys about the work and advice for those looking to become a firefighter. Interview Transcript⠀ ⠀ What made you want to be a Firefighter and join the Los Santos Fire Department? "I saw the opportunity and I went for it, it was certainly a challenge but..if you think about it, whats best than working hard and striving so you can save someone's life? Its what kept me going and still is to this day.." What motivates you in your job role or in the department in general? "The crew is what keeps me going, they're a bunch of dorks with a good heart. Obviously there's times when things have to be spoken and set straight, but the overall attitude of the guys in the Department is one of a kind. I strive for them to learn and improve themselves over time, being a Captain demands you to be present both on duty and off duty, so I try to be the best I can be...but there's always things to learn." How do you deal with the day-today stress of the job, being a Firefighter? "I consider myself lucky that I'm just able to easily disconnect from whatever the job brings once I clock out, I usually relax off duty with my fellow Firefighters, friends of mine both from FD or PD or I go out for a bike ride and I tell ya'...nothing beats driving down Great Ocean Highway with my Nightblade." Whats your favourite part of working for the Los Santos Fire Department? "There's a lot of things I like about the job, the day to day with my colleagues, getting to interact with the public and of course, saving lives." Whats any advice you'd give to someone who wants to join the Los Santos Fire Department? "Go on a ridealong! *chuckles* See what we do, get a feel for what its like to be in it, that is my best advice. Its a job that challenges you on every level, physically and mentally but we're all here to help eachother out and we look out for eachother, if you're determined, you can definitely make it." ⠀ ⠀
  3. This happened because as at the time, the vehicles were acting as one sole unit because of being on a training exercise. Normally you'd get just a double staffed RA (And maybe a Engine for medical assist if on duty numbers allowed and its needed - Though sometimes this'll only be the case if there is an Engine staffed (By one person) and there are no RA's available).
  4. I think people should be able to claim the area. But not the field. Like they get the area around the soccer green but not the actual soccer green. +1
  5. LOS SANTOS FIRE DEPARTMENT PRESS RELEASE - Snow in Los Santos Snow in Los Santos Written by: Alice MacCarthyPublished: 23/11/2020 Yesterday, citizens of Los Santos were treated to the first signs of winter. It began snowing in the early hours in the morning with much of the city waking up to snow on the floor and flurries in the area. But, for the Los Santos Fire Department. It was business as usual.Firefighters salted the entrances to the station bays the days prior. But, throughout the day Firefighters shovelled piling snow from the entrances and cleared the walkways of snow and ice. Snow doesn't stop emergencies either and the department responded to calls as usual. Battling the cold weather to continue the departments pledge of serving the Los Santos community with Courage, Integrity and Pride. Fire Drill on Sustancia Road, Firefighters work in the Snowy Conditions They also continued their usual drills, Captain Aoyama setting up a fire drill up in El Burro a stones through away from Station Seven, Firefighters responded to a controlled fire in two vehicles. Keeping up their skills in Fire Suppression and Extrication.Elsewhere, Firefighters like Engineer Anna Degtyarev was out across the city checking hydrants for ice, an important part of Fire Suppression is having ready access to a supply of water. So, in cold conditions and snow, hydrants require to be checked for ice and maintained where needed and firefighters left behind at Sevens found time to build a snowman. Yesterday the Department received 39 911 calls. This does not involve call-outs from other Governmental agencies.Weather predictions show the weather to be improving over the next couple of days. However, always remember to stay safe and stay warm whilst having fun if we're treated to another day of snow. But, we hope you had safe and enjoyable day yesterday.
  6. Thats what /setinjuries is for.
  7. I think I sense some sarcasm here. All you need for evidence in the courtcase is a screenshot of your /damages. I'll leave you with what I said before:
  8. Like I said, we don't handle the hospital side of things in the LSFD and anyone in the faction with me can back that up. It's NPC'd as soon as we take you out of the ambulance. So, yes I am.
  9. Like real life, FD doesn't hold medical records. Hospitals do. So Roleplay wise you'd contact a hospital. The LSFD on GTAW Doesn't handle the hospitals. As for the original poster, I think this is mildly exaggerated. It's a roleplay server so not everything is gonna happen as fast as it does in real life because of the amount of typing needed. I think if people don't want to interact with FD, don't get into situations where you need FD. Though, I think in any sense on a roleplay server, you need to humour us a little bit. We aren't going to skip over our main source of roleplay just because people don't have the patience to roleplay with us.
  10. Username: Mac Comment: This justice system is just..wrong.
  11. Could be nice to have one like there is for cruise control on a key press. Just a Quality of Life thing.
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