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  1. Yes, you've won the bidding. 240k it will be. (( Send me your phone number etc to my PMs to arrange a meeting so we can do the deal ))
  2. Selling a cozy apartment with a hint of luxury situated in downtown Los Santos. SB: 230k BO: 490k Bidding ends on 28th of October. Pictures OOC info:
  3. Starting bid is 155. Your bid is not valid.
  4. Selling a furnished, cozy apartment in Rub Street. Pictures: OOC info: SB: 155k BO: 300k Bidding ends on thursday 20th of october.
  5. Seventh project has been completed and pictures uploaded. ACCEPTING NEW PROJECTS
  6. (( Can you post the pictures of the interior, please? ))
  7. Sixth project has been completed and pictures uploaded.
  8. Selling a tugboat. Willing to let go of it for 65k. SMS or call: 2919 Or send me an email. ((Pm in the forums))
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