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  1. This was 2019-2020 so still allowed, but the fact that it was ALL in PMs got to me too. An emote or line would have consequences IC I could use, especially on faction turf. Instead they just caught a glance of nametag and thought they'd go for it and got confused when I'd yell at them.
  2. People PMing to arrange ERP or rape perms completely out of the blue. Never even SEEN them before, they just drove down the street window shopping and saw my char biking or smoking. They'd also always get shocked and defensive at me being offended by it. It'd happen most as a gang lookout but a fair bit just wandering as a visible druggie.
  3. I've never played an LEO like a lot of people in this thread, but have been a part of an illegal faction and illegal social circles and voids were the most frustrating thing. There'd be some massive event like a shootout or a chase or something similar. Everyone reacts and responds, starts adapting and figuring it out... and then someone in /fchat or /b or PMs needs to inform everyone that the whole thing is voided and you should pretend it never happened. Trying to figure out exactly where the 'line' is on that void is never a clear cut task since the situation usually didnt just start at a single definite point. It usually involved everyone having to void or drop things that weren't even solidly a part of it just because it doesn't make sense for that storyline to have stopped dead otherwise.
  4. What I'd like is a clear concise answer on who does manage groups. RPQM? Does anyone? I was so in favor of groups when they first started to see more variety and opportunity for niche communities, but it's just boiled down to just unmanaged factions (sometimes from people kicked out of existing factions) that can crop up without any expectation of quality. It sucks.
  5. I joined October 2018. Basically the same feelings. I'd take that buggy mess any day. I've enjoyed illegal and neutral RP in my time, never really dipping into legal factions much. It didn't always used to be like this, I've been here since 40 players was high pop. I used to love wandering and exploring the city, finding unique and weird RP all around as recently as early-mid 2020. Nowadays? I honestly don't see the point. It's so clear to me that as soon as my character steered away from illegal activity, I instantly felt like going from a character with agency to a walking ATM. I've always tried making everything my character's experiences canon, or at least enough to make all RP I come across important and impactful. I once decided to give it a try to RP the way I used to, and counted 7 robberies that month alone. I'm not here to only have good things happen in my character's story, and I'm a big fan of using the bad with the good for the sake of development, but when there's this much going on how am I supposed to follow that up besides just moving away? It feels like character development HAS to ignore and retcon incidents every single week like it's a sitcom in order to keep your character from having a severe mental break. I live in northern California, but I've spent time in LA. You know how you get around a big city without a car around? Walking everywhere. You know how many times I've been mugged? None. Not seven times in a month. There's harassment sometimes, but in general most people are just going to want to go about their day. California is not the way you think it is. One shooting in a news article justifies twenty in-game while also taking place in a setting with .1% of the population (because remember, the population is only as dense as the players that exist in an area.) People don't just wave weapons around, and people act with more fear for their life before jumping at robbing anyone they see. It's a dangerous city, but that's mostly due to its massive size (LA is as populated as the country of Georgia in a 500 square mile area.) which isn't what we have here. Calling the state of the server realistic feels delusional and shows a misunderstanding of what LA is like, if not what America is like in general. We don't live in an action movie. It's much more fun this way for active combat players, which I get and isn't always a bad thing, but please don't try to justify it as realistic. I've tried running businesses, and it's honestly exhausting. You either open solo and risk a crowd of four coming in to harass or vandalize (nearly every opening) or put up with having to protect yourself since police are too busy to respond most of the time. Security is obviously the go-to, but the odds of anyone playing, being free, and wanting to actually work at the time you want to open is slim and a managerial nightmare. The end result is you either get a crowd of friends to come in with you to pad out the numbers, deal with the headache that is getting security at all times, or just having to cope with RPers that think they're the first ones to do what they're doing and not the third that week. Reporting all the terrible RP I see would overwhelm both admins and I, while also likely having no actual end results from the few times I've seen people try. I put up with this for a long long time, because I loved the game and all the good times I've had in it. I don't anymore. I want to, but it's clear it's not the server for me like it used to be. I still want to play here. I want it to improve and feel like it used to, but it's hard to tell stories in an environment so openly hostile. It's not illegal RPers that's the problem. It's shitty RPers and the 'win or lose us vs them' mentality throughout the entire server going unchecked by management causing the server to feel like a warzone. I'll still remember my good times fondly, but I enjoyed GTAW specifically because you got to see some real depth and character development in all facets. Now it feels like a text version of medium RP voice servers, where you're playing to win and get ahead, or go down in the crossfire. Sure it might be fun, but not the depth and realism we used to have, and definitely not fun for everyone involved.
  6. Like has been said by other people, a big problem with this sort of thing is how little it will actually be spotted by anyone. Maybe some sort of admin alert, the same way I've seen with certain weapons or car breakins. To get past the large amount of false alarms that'd cause, maybe add some kind of command that ignores that alert for coroners, FD, detectives, etc. Even if it's not to jump and spectate to, it gives some evidence to point to if that particular player is spotted looting multiple bodies frequently. Edit: Ideally the "command" looting would still be logged, just not publicly in admin chat until it's looked into. Something like a command to pull up an index of the most recent x# player-body inventory interactions.
  7. I think banning under 16 characters is a good compromise, because there's definitely a problem. It's bizarre to see countless kids who don't care about school... because there physically is no school for them to go to. There's no government intervention into horrible situations, because... there's no child protective agency or social workers, parents, teachers, or basically anyone who would be in the process. Even when well RPed, there's a reason why kids are invincible in games that have them. Kids dying is an extremely sensitive topic that nobody should be forced into without knowing, because the 12 year old they killed looked like a fully grown man. Most people are also viscerally uncomfortable with the prospect of actual children making full sexual advances, even if it never hits the point of rule breaking RP. Sixteen is plenty of time to still fully roleplay being teenagers, and is also around when most kids gain independence with learning to drive and a social expectation to start thinking about work. 16 isn't even a Senior in high school yet, it's still very young. Even as 'late' as 16, there's still a vast array of personalities, from immature childishness to attempted adults, so portraying a teenager to its extent is still fully on the table. I really struggle to think of what RPing a 12 year old would offer over a 16 year old. Cluelessness about the world, immaturity, vulnerability, these are all still around. Yes, gangs recruit much younger than that IRL, but it's not real life and some things need to be tweaked to fit. At-risk 16 year olds are still fully susceptible to being swept into a gang, and you can always talk with your faction leader after getting situation in your rank to add a backstory of having been a much lower level member for a few years if you want to have been a member since you were a child.
  8. Low-suspicion crime should absolutely still be allowed, but things like robberies and violent crime should be off the table, for the reasons said above. Crimes that a beat cop could see from their car would also be seen by countless employees and security. +1
  9. I'm slightly more on the side of confirmation of a fight starting, since I prefer RPed out fights to script ones, but I'm honestly on the same side that I'd take either as long as there's a definitive answer on which is the 'right' way to go.
  10. Trading assets like that in general has always bugged me. Over the years, I've seen multiple 'trading a business for a Cheetah', 'trading a 1 story home for an apartment', etc. ads. It makes no sense. Homes and businesses shouldn't be sold the way a used PS4 can. While trading property as a transaction isn't impossible to happen IRL, posting a real estate listing with the price marked as "equal value apartment in Richman" would get you laughed off the site. If nothing else, a change to /ad rules but I'd like to see it go further.
  11. From what I can understand the suggestion is saying, this is mostly addressing the fact that rentals can essentially be vpark abused without a trace, like the car never existed in the first place. The suggestion feels pretty in-line with the reason for the 30 minute robbery rule where investigation can become impossible without the player online, and similarly more lengthy investigation becomes impossible without a vehicle to track down or handle. A rental returned to the employer, even with a fake ID and bank account, could still have some helpful forensic data to use but game limitations cut that short when it stops existing when the deed is done. I think the problem is less about the realism of a rental car being used, and more about the realism that it vanishes without a trace due to the nature of rentals being disposable on the server end. If there were some way to access the rental after the fact without directly telling you who owned the car, even that could alleviate some of the frustration I'm reading about. An unregistered car will be driven again unless ditched with effort, a stolen car will have prints unless cleaned, a registered car has a name or address; rentals have none of those. It doesn't have to be an all-out ban, but some give and take with criminal investigations to make it feel like they're not chasing a ghost feels fair.
  12. Still in favor if the free update ever comes around. It's weird to not be able to use an earring and a bag at the same time, or a nose ring and a scarf. Tentative +1
  13. Short description: Enact a simple permissions system for kidnapping to prevent completely random kidnappings. Detailed description: Add a few different routes for permissions for kidnapping. Kidnapping should be considered a last resort, but it often ends up being used recklessly or for the wrong reasons (a mugging that could be done in a much simpler, efficient way.) Instead: PM the person directly about it, and if they're in favor, then it proceeds as normal, as offensive RP perms used to go. Allow all kidnapping when CKs are permitted on the character(s), either by app, faction rule, CK/PK wars, etc. (Barring the use of CK apps for the sole purpose of kidnapping.) Report for permission the same way you would for business robbery perms if the previous two options are non-viable. Commands to add: Probably none, unless that's decided easier to manage. Items to add: None. How would your suggestion improve the server: Sets a higher bar for RP quality, especially when that can lead to such a heavy time investment for RP you can't opt out of in the middle without ruining the whole scene or verging on combat logging/powergame. Random kidnappings can result in players being driven around or held for hours against their OOC will, which is technically not against the rules to do. EDIT: I didn't expect this to blow up the way it did. This was not intended as an attack on anyone's play style, and I apologize to anyone that felt attacked. After reading through, I added a quote of a suggestion I read that I consider MUCH better than mine. Mine was bloated, slow, and overly complicated. I added it above mine as well as a thread renaming, hopefully it can serve the same purpose to improve RP quality in all facets of the server, legal and illegal. 👍
  14. Even with custom colors, some cars are just hard to get looking good without hours of effort in the color editor. It'd be nice to be able to use some already Rockstar made depth to some of the presets. Support!
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