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  1. Contact me if you have one, will buy if the price is proper.
  2. Looking for an office space to rent out, location does not matter. Reasonable prices only will be taken into consideration.
  3. kashzedong

    [L&A] Marquis

    buyout, email me for further info
  4. offering 100k, final offer on my part no one’s going to pay more than that for an apartment that isn’t sought after or a standalone, just some advice
  5. 3000 hours of pure 1942rp and MafiaRP nothing but drama, toxicity and absolute aids, all interlinked since those two game modes quite literally are ruled by the same person and share nearly exact same communities a friend told me about this server, came here, and have barely played any of those since
  6. "30/40 million dollars on my showcase!" "Rob me please!"
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