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  1. (( Oh ok, cool. I play occasionally on Chess.com but haven't done an IC event like this. IC comment or OOC comment good to sign up? ))
  2. I think there is actually more non-gang illegal RP than meets the eye. A small web of understated but influential underworld figures. But by its very nature it has to be quiet, because these people are either in very small groups (sub 5 as per the faction rules) or obviously can't really outgun or "fight" a gang for more influence (whether they're limited by time, resources, or man power). These people are usually among the best roleplayers I have encountered, though. Because they are often self-motivated and have focused, unique ideas about their characters and what they do.
  3. I remember the trailer for APB getting passed around my SA:MP server, and people thinking it was going to be the "SA:MP" killer roflmao
  4. It's a -1 for me on this one. I don't like the idea of locking such a cool system behind factions only. I would like to agree, however, that there is a lot of bad graffiti out there. Just a reminder to everyone you can /clean to get rid of graffiti in the event of trollish or otherwise bad graffiti. It only takes like three minutes, and makes the game world look a lot better if you take ownership of your RP zone and get rid of bad tags!
  5. Happy (almost) one year of this thread being up! A big shout out and thank you to everyone who has roleplayed with us over this time period.
  6. Just wanted to give you a 👍 and a welcome to the server as a fellow -7 player. While the peak server activity time is probably around 12pm for us (our time, not server time), I've found that we do have some solid players that stay on later in the evening. I'm not in any faction so I can't speak on that front, but I wanted to encourage you to give it some time and I'm sure you'll find something.
  7. Sounds good to me, although I do share in the concerns of some of the other posted. If this was added, it'd probably best that its put on a cooldown (10-15 mins maybe?)
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