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  1. HIRING: OPEN We are now hiring experienced interior designers. Would you want to embrace our project? Send your CV right now and make sure you attach your portfolio! Email: [email protected] ((Forums PM)
  2. ABOUT US We believe every home can be beautiful without you going broke. We founded Prime Innovation simply because moving sucks!! We realized other people were having the same problem. After that, we set out to make high-quality interior design available to everyday consumers. Firstly, we make furnishing easy and efficient with a comprehensive furnishing solution. Secondly, we work with carefully chosen partners who share our commitment to ease and excellence. Above all, whether you’re relocating to a new apartment or managing a vacation rental, we can furnish it for you – quickly and beautifully. MEET OUR TEAM Matvey Yerkhov Founder Svetlana Agapova Co-Founder & CTO CONTACT US Phone number: 3778 Email: [email protected] ((Forums PM)
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