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  1. I definitely think there is somewhat of a mob mentality against minor characters. People hate minor characters for being nothing but troublemaking douchebags when that is literally the only character they are allowed to be in the roleplay, which is why I made this thread in the first place.
  2. Support! Realistic car crashes would make it so reckless driving would have consequences and make car chases a lot more exciting. Not only that but maybe a tow job could be added in the game to pick up cars that have been damaged beyond working condition. The only problem with this is it would be hard to enforce. If there was a system that was added to the game that deems the car undrivable past a certain condition of damage then this implementation would be perfect.
  3. (I don't know if this topic has been made before, if it has please direct me to it) Detailed Description I've seen some suggestions to remove minor characters as a whole because it is "unrealistic" to see teenagers with guns under the wings of a gang. I refute this claim and say that it is very much realistic to see young recruits in gangs. What is not realistic however is ONLY seeing minor characters in gangs and not be found anywhere else in the city. I find that it ruins the dynamic of being a minor in the roleplay if you can only be in a gang and not do anything else. To the argument that there is simply "not much to do as a minor" is just simply not true. The point of the roleplay is building your character's personality and finding things to do. Minor characters can realistically just hang around the city, play in arcades, or cause trouble in other ways other than just being in gangs. Seeing a character that is a minor and automatically being able to assume that they are in a gang or going to be in a gang doesn't feel realistic to me, that is why I think allowing minor characters to have more freedom would add a lot more to the roleplay. And to other arguments about this attracting potentially problematic "ERP", I say just punish the players who engage in such roleplay. Not everyone should be punished for a problematic minority of players and throughout my time playing on the server, I haven't even seen such rampant problematic ERP as others claim they have (doesn't mean it does not happen but I believe that most players on this server have the common sense and decency not to engage in such activities). Relevant Commands/Items N/A How will it benefit the server Allowing more forms of roleplay to take place and more sense of realism to the game.
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