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  1. You can still work as a mechanic but I believe you will need to find another shop to work at. I highly recommend either Patriot Auto or Zazen-Arts, both of those shops are very active and provide a high quality roleplay experience. The best way to go about getting hired would be to go to their shops and ask to speak with a manager in-game. Good luck man!
  2. These bad boys get me from point A to point B with little hassle.
  3. Detroit: Become Human was the most hands down best story telling game I've played in years, it also has multiple storylines you can choose from, each decision you make will determine the outcome of the storyline tremendously. This game is god tier in my books.
  4. They're too preoccupied with Roe vs Wade kek.
  5. > Corporate Subscription Business Name: Full Name: Phone Number: (( Discord: Example#1000 )) > Residential Subscription Home Address: Full Name: Phone Number: (( Discord: Example#1000 ))
  6. Bid accepted, contact Paris Rothschild @ 16486890. (( Feel free to message me Discord @ GothAngelSinner#1321 if you'd like to know if I'm IG )).
  7. Last bid withdrawn. Still available at the starting bid of $400,000.
  8. Those aren't really labor laws, that's about unions. There's no labor laws for nonunion employees from what I've read.
  9. Vigilantism is illegal under the San Andreas Penal Code and is punishable by jail time. Vigilantism should be handled ICly, so if your life is not being directly threatened than you should be arrested and found liable for any injuries or deaths caused by your usage of a firearm. Firearms are a last resort.
  10. I'm just curious as to why there are no labor laws in-game? As it stands, employers have 100% authoritarian power over their employees as long as they don't violate your constitutional rights.
  11. I agree with this. CCW's shouldn't be restricted if you're a valid PF license holder. By concealing a weapon you're not brandishing it about to cause any alarm to the general public. You should always exercise caution when interacting with police and alert them that you have a concealed weapon when making contact, and only brandish the firearm when in a life threatening situation. Use common sense.
  12. Accepting bid. Contact Paris Rothschild @ 1-648-6890.
  13. Please send me an email with your contact information! ((Forum PM with your Discord))
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