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  1. I've only been CK'd once nearly 2 years ago and it was such a trivial experience that I actually try to stray away from from entertaining illegal faction experiences. Simply put, I was a licensing official and I would give basic addresses and information to a network I knew nothing about. One day. I asked for a small payment for a specific address/info on a police officer. My CK was highlighted by alleged "extortion" for asking for a payment... Mind you I had 0 knowledge of the group, outside of giving them information at my office, which was spurred by a random interaction where I was asked for it. Essentially I was told that you wouldn't ask a "mob boss" for money.. Ironically, I didn't know much about the person. I didn't appeal.. I moved on. But it seemed silly RP is put to the forefront whereas it is allowed to end another's for something minute. With little logic or intellect applied, or revealed, I can deffinately agree that their is a lack of consideration when divulging from a PK into a CK.
  2. Every bit of this is an IC issue... I can think of maybe 29 different ways you handle "explosion" in crime...... None of them include restricting blatantly obvious IC events.
  3. CCW's have little to no effect on illegal players. A player with a CCW is 9/10 not running around Deathmatching. I cannot fathom how people beg for OOC intervention based on a topic that is inherently opinion based IRL. Gun talk has always been "Restrict guns so criminals don't have them" or "Allow more guns for self defense"... Its ironic that we'd remove these debates from the IC scene and suggest that we step even further back from role-playing by applying OOC limitations to something that isn't even an issue. Once again, the players with CCW's arnt the one running amuck shooting people.. and the ones that are shooting people are not always Dming. But rather following that life of violence. With well over 2500 hours, I've never shot anyone in GTAW, or even shot a gun for that matter. I've also only been shot once due to a CK, and have never been really involved.. Whats the issue with people with NO record applying to have a firearm??????
  4. Cool. I wouldn't know. Going back to minding my business.
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