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  1. This is possible on other RAGE MP based servers. I'm sick of seeing certain racial backgrounds limited to two face variations. It ain't fair to no one.
  2. I think part of the reason that this seems unusual is an issue that plagues roleplay servers in general - woman are taller than average. Don't get me wrong there are a lot of tall girls out there, but at 5'10" the majority stand below me. Overall consensus is around 5'4" in America. This becomes especially notable when you have females of common Asian ethnicity. From my experience at university, I never had a Hmong, Chinese or Japanese girl stand over me, very few coming close. Once again, doesn't mean they don't exist but it's much less common. I imagine this is a symptom of guys playing girl characters and likely either a honest mistake or the result of someone wanting to play a 'strong' female character, as well as people from other countries where females may be taller on average. But it causes characters in the less than five-six range to seem shorter by comparison as they are less common.
  3. I'll say it once and I'll say it again. Don't break the rules don't get reported. If two players decide they're okay with rape roleplay it doesn't mean they can do it. You know what's cringe? People getting in accidents from their own mistakes and covering it up with 'I didn't see you' or 'you didn't load in for me' promptly before parking and getting their car because it's damaged on their screen. Crash roleplay isn't fun but you know what fixes it? Drive reasonably.
  4. Having some form of shadowplay running is always what I'd recommend. If you're okay with continuing the roleplay, great both parties get something to do. Otherwise having video evidence will allow admins to easily let you off the hook, though many people will understand if you pass them the clip without an admin involved. To get back on track, I think the worst single experience I had was when I was driving through Paleto Bay and a pink Radius pulled out in front of my Yosemite. Another car pinned the right side, believe it was a pink Futo. The occupants stepped out with bats and attempted to rob me. I bunkered in my car and while I was considering a reply they gave up, like the ten seconds I was processing what was going on was stalling or something. I think the hilarity was really the outlandish robbery gear and cars. I could have simply reversed out, or shot them anyway (though I try to not whip out my CCW unless I have to). Probably would have gone with it if they were actually properly dressed for the occasion and gave me a chance to reply. Honorable mention goes to the car scene here. Surprised it hasn't been mentioned in detail yet. Not reflective of everyone, but generally 'street racing' involves people driving up and down a road like nutters and ignoring crashes, overuse of radios, driving cars that aren't realistic to age or job entitlement. Characters feel like they're out of an animation, or just don't make a lot of sense in Los Santos like first generation Japanese characters better suited to star in Initial D. As someone who is into cars in real life, I'd love to be able to do things here that would either pose legal risk or are out of my financial ability but the disconnect between my real life experience and what I witness in GTAW always steers me away. Oh yeah and when you're law enforcement and actually catch someone on motor vehicle contest they often get sour OOC over it. I'm okay with racing but if you take the risk there can be consequences.
  5. I'm going to be really honest. I think people skipping MVA crashes is a minor concern. But by all means if you break the rules and an uninvolved party that witnessed it reports you, they have every right to do so. Just because your rule break has no effect on the player, does not mean you did not break the rules. Not the topic of discussion here anyway. Just a healthy reminder, I don't feel it's fair to blame anyone for not knowing every example in the rules with how lengthy they've grown. Especially when it was acceptable on other communities.
  6. Per the server rules, failing to roleplay a car crash, unless it was clearly caused due to desync (contact an admin through /report if you wish for a crash to be voided); Applies under Common Courtesy. Agreeing to skip isn't permitted, it's simply hard to enforce. Might be something to consider in the future as that party would have every right to report if the footage clearly indicated it wasn't desync.
  7. This is unfortunately just the state of legal roleplay. It happens in the government, it happens frequently in legal factions from my experience with LEOs. It's very much the 'we're realistic when it's convenient'. They enforce a policy strictly because the real life equivalent does not or will not do so, and then make entirely different decisions to the real life equivalent on personal preferences because we're 'divergent' from them. You can't have your cake and eat it too, and you can't say you are reflecting your real life equivalent when you pick and choose when to do so. Besides the point, most people have taken protests and abused them at this point. I'm not in favor of OOCly restricting protests, but I don't think anything good can come out of them when even protests outside of Davis like at the city hall are turned violent by a few bad actors. The protests of 2020 were motivated OOC - they were told they couldn't roleplay the real life protests and found an excuse to throw hands. I'm on the 'I wish they could be organized, but they probably won't be' boat.
  8. I've done some testing on the subject, and I'm pretty confident it's 10% of the vehicle's cost. This is regardless of class - a Sports car costs 10% to recover, a Van costs 10% to recover. As an additional note, this is based on the current price of the vehicle. So if you paid $45,000 unregistered price for a vehicle, and the current cost at the dealership is $65,000 the cost to recover the vehicle is $6,500.
  9. In the past my understanding was there would be a fee of 5% of the unregistered value of the vehicle if it was scrapped or physically destroyed. I'm unsure if that's still the case. See below.
  10. Not everyone's ideal GTA: World experience is the same. Your opinion may vary. That said, I'd appreciate if you read the full suggestion before replying in the future. I would think this issue would matter to you, considering one of your direct rival gang factions is very complacent with looting their buddies for firearms or any other corpses on their turf. In fact, I had one of them pull a machine pistol off his friend, run from me and when I shot him another member attempted to pick up the machine pistol a second time. Both times law enforcement were present. I've gotten people 120 day temp bans for the issue. I report every instance I can manage. Over the past several months, it has not changed people's mentalities even in the factions that have received these punishments. The only issue is with that 1 in 100 situation, you're aware of who your victim is that stalled or created the situation where you are unable to loot them. In that 1 in 100 situation, you probably would have still had to report because if the player was intent on not complying OOC, they also have the option to not /acceptdeath and stall. In the majority of my situations, I walk up to a corpse and have no means to report. I can't witness it and there isn't enough admin-worthy players on the server to spend hours sifting logs to determine each looting scenario if they're just blind reported. This can be very detrimental to my roleplay - if I know the victim was CK'd for example I generally have interest in opening an investigation (I can't feasibly investigate the sheer volume of murder cases). The only real times I can investigate these is if I recover the items, allowing me to repaint a picture of the scenario and also giving me context. You might think a flyer for Mojo's Bar is not useful but for me that gives me at least a lead to pursue, where I might find individuals that know the victim. Other personal items can help identify who a person is, what kind of occupation they might have, etc etc. Electronic warrants on phones can provide a motive and result in an arrest. People don't roll up to bodies and just take the gun and drop the other items. They spam Y and run away with everything.
  11. Once again, the suggestion does not prevent someone in the INJURED state from using /giveitem. Please read before giving nonsense arguements.
  12. This situation would still work, because he could /giveitem you the firearm. This suggestion does not prevent that. It only prevents looting corpses. You wouldn't get the chance to loot him in the dead state, as you have to wait two minutes to accept death. Thus this suggestion does not apply to your time sensitive scenario.
  13. This statement is entirely false. As someone who's responsible for handling many of the bodies, the grand majority of them are picked clean. The last shooting I was involved in on a character just in street clothes was in front of Strawberry 24/7. While I was standing there, I witnessed at least one person in a truck stop and type a loot attempt, two people on pedal bikes, and three people on foot literally just roam up and hit Y on the bodies. Admins have limited time. They don't have time to babysit the large number of players that think this is okay. This isn't Garry's Mod. People getting shot in the county is not the target of this issue. I genuinely don't believe 'I'm poor' is a good excuse to tamper with a crime scene, especially when said person is a minor who somehow owns a car worth 80 grand in real life. The issue is most shootings that happen within city limits, especially in high traffic areas. See above. The rule exists, it doesn't stop people from a large portion of the community breaking the rule. I do report it, regularly. If it was a once or twice a week thing, like other reports I might deal with, big deal. The problem is that almost every corpse I inspect that's not found shortly after death is completely looted. This isn't moaning about some minor detail. If I'm off for the day and sit down to just do paperwork and patrol, I might process two to three dozen bodies. Of those bodies? Maybe two to four have their items. Also - the gun prices are not an excuse for people to loot. In real life you don't generate $500 an hour for breathing and existing. The server has the expectation with continuity that the value of a GTA dollar =/= the value of a real life dollar. That's why a burger is $30, or you pay $150 or more for a meal at a business. The price is adjusted according to that. Additionally - street price on firearms is a player decided value. The server has limited control over street price unless they flood or starve the market of firearms intentionally.
  14. If you see this kind of activity I'd strongly recommend you report it. That said, I expect most LEOs aren't keeping critical items like firearms. While having another agency to regulate this would be preferable, unfortunately there isn't enough activity on the part of all the factions to attend every scene. We have lapse in DMEC coverage, lapse in FD coverage, and I suspect FD have to send bodies as well due to lack of law enforcement availability. The restrictive nature of government factions means there's a filter to keep randoms from throwing on a uniform and equipping a firearm. While that is the same for many illegal factions - unofficial and unaffiliated members are the primary concern as they are unregulated outside of admin intervention and the whitelist.
  15. To clarify for the confusion, this only would prevent looting went the character has accepted death (body turns into a corpse, player teleports to hospital). If you are still present in the ragdoll state you would be able to giveitem, the only addition to that being the request for admins to get prompted when this occurs.
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