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  1. The part of the crate deliveries that DID kind of work for me was buying the crates, though the script seemed unable to detect when my vehicle was full and go to the next step. Payment came out of bank, when I was full it refunded bank. Far as I could tell. EDIT: As farming is the generic new player job, I don't know if I'd recommend paying cash. My concern would be that players already 'prey' on players by hunting around looking for someone to rob. If they know new players get paid cash at farming, there's a higher chance that unfortunately they will be targeted. Even if it's made a rule, new players are likely to be unfamiliar and fail to report these occurrences. Fishing may be more avoidable as I believe there is banking between the sell point and fish point, but I feel like it'd be better left as a direct deposit.
  2. Was already working on this but lacked a license last time I tested (which works, takes money from bank). Right now it seems the trucking job withdraws from bank when you buy a crate, but when I go to sell a crate I do not get paid. This could be that the business is out of money and it's incorrectly allowing me to sell the crate when the business needs more in the bank, OR the script is not correctly paying out when you sell it even if there is money. EDIT: FYI, truck script super buggy. Icons don't go away after you've completed a step of the shipment like picking up crates. If you /startshipment more than once after filling your crate inventory, you can create multiple delivery icons. Unsure if that's related to the payment processing. It also doesn't seem to add components to the business, but I'm unsure how to check that with admin commands.
  3. When are using a legacy menu like the /surgery menu, selecting the 'purchase option' prompts for cash / debit, but overlaps the existing menu. ADDITION: When in the CEF menu like the hairstyle menu, if you click the option to save (save all outfits in my case) and then back out of the menu that requests cash / bank by pressing backspace, it will apply the changes but not charge you.
  4. What kind of laptop do you have? Make and model work best, but if you have the specifications at least there's more basis of what sacrifices might be required. Specifically; Processor Memory Graphics Card Storage Type (SSD or HDD)
  5. If you just purchased it, it takes some time for the items to return to the inventory. One of the properties I purchased suddenly had 12 phones populate in it one day, and I was the only one with the keys.
  6. We're not Los Angeles. We're a fictional, sunny state on the West Coast. Also an island, when it comes to Los Santos County. It's not worth bottlenecking our options of roleplay to the real life equivalent. It's the same story with people telling ULSA to only roleplay sports during their appropriate seasons. You change it for the benefit of roleplay, but it doesn't make any sense on a scale of the greater United States, not just comparing to UCLA. If they're going to bake up a custom weather script that doesn't rely on real weather patterns, which may make a lot of sense considering our 'real' weather system has made it a very mild summer, then it would be advisable for them to pre-bake the forecast system into it. The script would simply have to do the math for x day in advance and maybe have a level of error. Would also mean people wouldn't have as much 'rain on their parade' if they knew 7 days in advance the script was going to give them rain, or smog, or whatever.
  7. The weather is usually great. Bad weather exists in California. Surprise weather exists. It's just less likely than other regions. If we wanted to be realistic we should be turning on that gross Smog weather that makes everything yellow green all the time instead of EXTRA SUNNY at all times. There's other clear / sunny weather patterns too that get left mostly unused for some reason.
  8. As this isn't the first point towards this, this has been 'resolved'. Any player (even without platinum) can set their interior to either -1 (no change) and either 0 or 1 for the generic sunny weather (unsure which). Pretty sure some interiors automatically switch away from the rain weather pattern as well unless manually set. There might be puddles when you first enter, but they should fade after a rather quick period of time due to the intended time cycle of Grand Theft Auto (48 min / day).
  9. Can we just make it rain infrequently, like twice a month on a random schedule, but have it rain for most the day? And then become more frequent in Winter or something? I dislike when it rains for like two hours and then it's gone again, I'd rather have the effect of having to deal with the rain from log in to log off again. Plan personal and work outfits around it. I'd even take a two day rainfall of scattered showers, just to keep things fresh. I don't know understand the mentality of 'I never want to rp anything different than the normal, that's bad' or 'muh california'. We do the same thing day in and day out for months on end. We could use the change.
  10. While I still don't think explicit sexual content should be allowed, I think this would be a great way to allow 'Semi-NSFW' content where it isn't immediately inappropriate, but wouldn't be something your boss seeing over your shoulder. I don't like opening Facebrowser's Discover section for that reason, it's just full of it and I'm sick of just having to block the accounts on every character.
  11. I am aware that the following suggestion exists, but would like to offer a more distinct and constructive solution. Instead of simply attempting to take such things away, and in lieu of 1.1 being very 'SoonTM' I think there needs to be additional guidelines so that those interested in doing character mods can do so without causing visual bugs to other players. For someone who just plays 'default' with maybe a normal visual mod here or there, the growing frequency of people with characters that display some form of strange visual bug due to client side mods has become another distraction from any sense of immersion. While I would love to see a wider cast of custom fits and simply more options, Rage just doesn't have strong support for it as of current. This isn't directed towards mods being used in singleplayer for photographs, only on server use.
  12. Possible solution could be; Ban cell phone dealers entirely. Maybe put a hard cap of two vehicles per week before the script prevents you from selling another. This cap would obviously not apply to anyone with the dealership script. (/dealersellvehicle?) Allow players to register for a 'broker' license from the government (which is required for a great deal of car sales in California). In order to acquire this license, the player would have to provide proof of an adequate storage location OOC and could request garage/warehouses from PM. With a broker license, they would be able to buy and sell vehicles as a private party but wouldn't be classified as a dealership. Possibly still limit the broker license to maybe 10 cars a week or so (not in the industry, just throwing out a number), to provide incentives for a dealership. Invest in more legal requirements for buying and selling vehicles such as having DMV and inspection records on hand, to encourage more roleplay and allow IC repercussions for failing to operate correctly.
  13. Patrolling alone versus patrolling with a partner is more of a preference to the player and how engaged they are at the time. As a law enforcement member, if you have a law enforcement member pop out in the middle of a shootout alone? Shoot them. Officers or deputies who fail to wait for assistance in an active shooting are digging their own grave. As far as I'm aware, the only groups 'assigned' to South Central are gang focused detectives and gang enforcement like divisions (which can also patrol elsewhere and investigate gangs elsewhere). For other characters it's personal preference. It's not like every squad is down in South Central all the time. Myself? My character isn't interested in the risky zones, and traverses Little Seoul, Vespucci, ULSA, and the county most often.
  14. This would be extremely difficult to implement without direct developer support to track this information. The micromanagement would, simply put it be too much. Also, imagine being told you can only patrol in Little Seoul, or Vespucci. They're not exactly large areas and it would be limiting to the officers assigned. Additionally off peak I don't think there's really enough units online at any one time to divide the districts up. Radio traffic would be really cluttered to call in every time I crossed a district border. Average response time is a very wide net. That means all of the priority, non-priority and life or death calls averaged to a combined total of 4:45. Presumably most 'life or death' calls would be below that average, units permitting. Which is something that happens here too, we have issues during some shifts of not having enough resources for every situation which can delay responses. More often than not though if it is a priority call officers or supervisors will find some way to respond.
  15. I feel like 'we're California when it's convenient' is still an issue, as factions like LSSD parody LASD but recreational marijuana was turned down for game concessions. While I don't have any express preference either way, is there plans to establish 'yes we parody the real life equivalent' or 'no you should establish your own identity' for both illegal and legal factions, as well as for other server wide decisions?
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