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  1. While I completely get the point you are trying to make, those figures won't be close to correct in reality. The majority of drug users are going to lie when asked about their drug use. I know if my Doctor asks me I'm going to tell them I've used marijuana once or twice that year, when it's been closer to once a day. This would especially be the case in people who are more successful. No doctor, lawyer or successful entrepreneur is going to open up about their drug use unless they are caught.
  2. 290 miles, stock set-up.
  3. Give you 100k and an Alamo.
  4. Spot on, thanks for the information. Time to go scouting.
  5. Could be worse, I remember encountering the "idlestacks rednecks" on LS-RP and having to log off to process it.
  6. Me and a few friends were considering putting together a group to run a mechanic store, as quite often when we're playing there's none open to public, but when I went around the map looking at good exterior's for mechanic garages, all of them had the mechanic menu point. Does this mean the garage is owned by someone, or have these all been set and left in the past? I don't want to go and request a property when someone already owns it, and waste everyone's time.
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