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  1. This simply isn't true, places like Vespucci, Hawick, and South Central / Davis Area has a WAY higher crime rate, you probably just aren't witnessing it. There's no gangs in the areas that portray Beverly Hills, and other high end areas. There aren't gangs in Rockford Hills and afaik, never have been. As for areas such as Morningwood, Mirror Park, Hawick, Vespucci, Del Perro... These are all based off areas that IRL are infested with gangs, therefore its reasonable for factions to open there. "The only safe place is in front of the police station" ...
  2. Crime has no boundaries, there are gangs (lets not even get into organized crime) everywhere in Los Angeles, even Hollywood. This isn't some FiveM creative server, lets not limit factions on where they can be, as long as it makes sense.
  3. This, way too much micromanaging is why it takes so long for your reports to be handled. And people being petty as fuck and /report ' ing people for shit like using /outfit on a bmx, like cmon... have some more faith in your players, stop making everything ifm / admin approved for simple little tasks.
  4. just wish they were alternatives to things like breakins...
  5. Shooting Kites A Strict Routina
  6. Hide your woods... Tell the Skins to stay inside... Hide your gavachos... Pancho fucking V in the house MAKES MAN RUNS BY SIMPLY BEING IN HIS PRESENCE
  7. Where @EME GOSPELscreens?
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