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  1. My favorite video game is Dota; I've been playing it for a long time. Moreover, before Dota 2 appeared, I played Warcraft. I consider myself a veteran of this game, but now I have almost stopped playing video games because I have a lot of work. The only game I often play before bed is free online jigsaw puzzles. This game helps me fall asleep faster, as playing my brain is overworked and wants to rest, so I have a great night's sleep, and in the morning, I feel great.
  2. Hey there, buddy. Play a game of Minecraft. Minecraft is a wonderful game with good gameplay with simple but at the same time very nice graphics. Despite the lack of a plot, this game contains at least two fantastic features that can compensate for this flaw. The first are servers where you can survive with friends or play other intriguing mini-games, such as these https://servers-minecraft.net/minecraft-pixelmon-servers. There are also many mods for this game that greatly enhance the game's gameplay options.
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