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  1. Would offer a Coil Raiden with 3k miles, security package & performance package + 20k for the Taranis
  2. DWatson


    Would offer $160,000
  3. 130k Can pickup tonight
  4. Looking to buy a Raiden. Healthy budget for the right car. Would love to get one with performance package. Please email me at [email protected] ((forum pm)) with pictures and info
  5. ((Can L&A both have been bought))
  6. Hi there, I would be interested in this on a short term basis
  7. Offering trade for Jester RR with upgraded security and performance
  8. Available to pick up right away!
  9. 272 if still for sale
  10. As the title says, I will be buying one of the two cars above. I have cash in hand to make the purchase and would love to pick one up today.
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