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  1. Sheggy


    Your choice, have fun with bumping your post for the next few months.
  2. Sheggy


    I offered it as a buyout, not a bid. The offer will not stand after tonight.
  3. Sheggy


    Offering 75,000 as the buyout.
  4. And you're still renewing meaning you want the car gone. $465,000, final offer to take the Up N Atom Cheetah off your hands.
  5. Not in a hurry but you renew often. 420k offer.
  6. Sweet, send an email with your contact information and we will get this sorted.
  7. A buyout has now been listed, buy out is $475,000. Bidding will close on January 23rd, 2022.
  8. Starting bid on the apartment will be $275,000 Buyout will be $475,000 Viewings can be set up, just send an email ((Forum PM)) with your contact details.
  9. Sheggy


    ((Post a real screenshot of the /pinfo))
  10. Asking price is $190,000. No low ball offers, still much cheaper than buying new. I don't care about your "but it's used" argument. It's still Cheaper than new.
  11. Want my two cents? There's a huge influx of gang bangers that simply want power, instead of joining the already existing gangs, they want to break off into 900 different fucking gangs and now we have so many gangs that there is just never ending shootings. My solution is simple. We take Davis and Rancho, and push it somewhere else.
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