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  1. Username: Gut3 Comment: Always some shady people up in Raton. Watch your back n keep ur eyes on the trail...
  2. MAY 20, 2022 Cougars & Other Predators I head out to Mt. Gordo to catch a glimpse of the elusive mountain lion, as requested by a viewer. [Comments are enabled!] Username: Comment:
  3. ((9/6/22: Anyone attempting to access the blog is instead redirected to a domain hosting website.)) ALBATR0SS's AVIARY Amateur documentation of birds and other wildlife across San Andreas. MAY 17, 2022 ISLAND JAY ZANCUDO SIGHTING: HOAX!! In this video I disprove JABBAWOCKY'S claim regarding the sighting of a Island Scrub Jay nest in West San Andreas. [Comments are enabled!] Username: Comment:
  4. Rest in peace.

  5. Saw a video someone posted on YT of the Kyle West protest, had no idea gta text rp was a thing before then. Joined immediately after watching
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