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  1. Juan Romero is currently a deputy trainee within the los santos sherrif's department, The thread is a start of his eventual slow mental degradation, struggle with his war torn past, two-faced personality along with his combative nature. And eventually his downfall. But we'll see how that tale goes.
  2. Name: Juan Romero Address: Pink cage, APT 43 Gender: Male Age: 28 Job Position: Technician Phone number: 936367 Previous experiences: Oil change technician, firearm clerk, combat veteran with four years active deployment. Short background about yourself: Originally I'm from Albuquerque, NM. Though I was something of a deviant within my youth, I made attempts to get on a much cleaner path and took up some small time work. I have two siblings, one brother and one sister and come from a Hispanic household. Working with my uncle at his local oil change pit stop as a tech outside of my time from school. When I turned twenty years old and joined with the US army under the MOS of (11B) combat infantry. Much as my position earned me some combat experience, it also served as a way for me to learn the inner workings of vehicles both in our custody of the military and those of foreign origin. Being deployed overseas twice for two years each and receiving an honorable discharge, I returned back to New Mexico to attend university and earned my associates in criminal justice for a prospective career in the upcoming future. Working part time at my local firearm dealership before deciding to part ways from my home state and move to Los Santos. _______________________________________________________________________________ ((Discord: actual bear#3728)) ((Donator Status: None)
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