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  1. ((Would there be any way to contact the poster via email or message?))
  2. Could we have a way to ban a user from posting in a group? Would be more helpful than just enabling post approval.
  3. Or I could have left my car around the corner and carried the cash on me and roleplayed it being in a storage tub or a box or something and carry that to the deal. You know, how a lot of people do it IRL and roleplay it currently. Your suggestion completely changes the the way people will do basic fundamental roleplay for the worse. :^)
  4. See here's where your logic goes completely off the rails. If you can only hold 15000k in a bag how in the hell are you making a major drug deal or buying some guns? Are you bringing your whole gang to carry the money? > Ah but you can put the money into your car you say So an undercover cop can catch my plates and get me? This is just like the hunger system that gets suggested, it seems more immersive but in reality it's going to hinder everyone. It's an RPG suggestion.
  5. You know for someone who claims to be able to take criticism well you've responded to almost every comment on this thread. Usually within 10 minutes. I would be very curious how much of your almost 900 posts are now from this thread alone though. Instead of rallying support for a RPG element that'd supposedly help your company (I still fail to see this by the way), shouldn't you support something like a tackle script more? Just curious on that aspect there's much better options to push for than something that almost everyone who's responded to this suggestion has disliked. Sometimes you just gotta take the L, I had a suggestion everyone disliked and that was that. It happens.
  6. You still need to have cash on hand for all of these items. I don't see how this is going to bring any roleplay anyways, it's likely going to just make people want to stop playing because the server's going to start to feel like an RPG. I realize you're going to continue to try to refute every point on the thread but try taking some constructive criticism at least. You don't need to try to refute every time someone posts just let people respond a bit and relax.
  7. Scripts that would need to change: 24/7, Hardware Store, Tattoo Shops, Pawn Shops, Custom Item Stores, Gun Stores Just to name a few. There's plenty more but lets not rack our brains to find every detail. The whole change isn't needed and those scripts will be changed over time. Once again, if you have an issue with a the amount of cash someone is carrying report it to player management, I'm sure they'd be happy to look into your issue.
  8. You're asking for a complete script overhaul right now. This isn't a rule suggestion anymore this is a game suggestion. It makes no sense to go through all of this trouble for what? A bit of extra money? Report people for carrying unrealistic amounts of cash and move on. The development team is already working on moving the system towards using the bank for most transactions there's no need to rush them. Having 20k taken out of your total amount is still a large hit there's no need to change it.
  9. This would make mapping and transactions a pain. The script is still inconsistent with either needing money in your hand or in your bank. Plus moving money to go map would suck as well. I'm very against this.
  10. You can really point out who is and isn't a sociopath in this thread. It's astounding.
  11. I disagree with this completely. I have friends in an MC who are very attached to their characters. Having to take major IC actions stressed them out IRL. If their character died they would probably cry but obviously it would pass.
  12. Who're you to judge if it wasn't good the first time? Honestly it can only improve over time just like our roleplay. Maybe someone could portray their character better than they did before on a previous server on here. If I'm honest here, if you don't seem attached to a character I don't think you're doing it right. Your character is probably going to seem very dull no matter how many descriptive details you throw into your roleplay. If your character gets CKed and you don't cry over it for feel sad you're not getting into your roleplay.
  13. One thing to keep in mind is that a lot of these characters for some people are often an extension of their real life persona. These are probably characters they're very attached to and care about a lot. Some people use roleplay to cope and deal with stress. Now this isn't always the case, people often roleplay characters that aren't like them or aren't anything like them but for some people it helps to have these personas and OCs.
  14. Because it's easy to become attached to a character you like. You might move a character over from a community that's been disbanded but you probability won't roleplay them the same way you did before. Plus I'm sure people have both their old characters and new ones. It's not that big of a deal unless it's being abused in some way (RPing major events from another server for instance). I don't mind it at all.
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