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  1. I mean the example you provided was powergaming. They provided you no chance to respond to the action of putting the knife up to your character. Powergaming is already a rule so in reality you should have taken screenshots and reported them but continued to RP. For the most part if someone gets reported for that they either learn to change or keep getting reported and get banned eventually. It stops down the line eventually.
  2. This beautiful apartment is located right outside of the Vespucci Canals. The neighborhood is quiet and the property is a short distance from many hotspots within the city. The one bedroom one bathroom apartment has been recently renovated with a pink and white color scheme all throughout the house to really give you that "Barbie's World" aesthetic. Complete with a balcony that'll really help you show the town your life is fantastic (even if it's not made of plastic). Starting: 175,000 Buyout: 300,000 (( Market: 115,000 Furniture: 60,428 ))
  3. I will contact you if the first offer falls though as they responded just before you.
  4. Please shoot me an email at [email protected] ((Forum PM)) with your number and when you'll be available!
  5. I actually don't need any of the updates for my characters because I can make do with what I have. I don't RP in bars and I don't ERP so thinking that's all I do is kind of sad. It's equivalent to me implying you sit in Davis and DM all day. I'm just saying there's no need to be an ass but you prove that you have this "thug" persona IC and OOC.
  6. I mean if I were a dev and I got constantly harassed by the illegal RP community I wouldn't wanna work on more features for them either tbh. Just cause y'all gotta act hard ICly doesn't mean you gotta be an ass OOCly. But I think having a circle jerk about how shitty the devs are really helps out here. Gets a lot done. /s
  7. Like I said it takes like an hour maybe probably to add a ERP anim? If you're going to complain about how the developers work why don't you become a developer and help the team? They're working in their own freetime, probably after coming home from their 9-5 job. I'd pick and choose the suggestions I think are fun to develop too. (Not saying that's what they do but that's what I'd do in my own opinion.)
  8. I feel like the community really lacks the understanding of how development works. "Why they add ERP anims and cars omegalul". Usually adding in a animation likely requires a minimal amount of effort from the dev team, they make a couple of changes in the script for the new item but beyond that they don't create the animations, vehicles, ect. This likely takes a couple of hours and is probably deployed within a day. Adding in something like a whole new drug system requires tons of new scripts and routines and this would require a lot of time put into it, a lot of the time the assets aren't just there for them to use. This really varies and could take a couple days to weeks of development time. Everyone needs to keep in mind that the devs are NOT paid. I constantly see on suggestions "Well, the devs should focus on x before this" and it's honestly just rude. They're here to help the community so I don't blame them for potentially not wanting to work on certain features in their own freetime. I also believe there was a major update in September with tons of new guns. Maybe not aimed towards illegal RP but the guns were made available for illegal suppliers. And in October a lockpick overhaul was implemented. Maybe the suggestions you want aren't added in yet but that's fine. It takes time for these things and we need to stop trying to harass the developers so often about shit they actually do work on, it's awful. If you want to see it added sooner start taking some C# courses and apply for the development team. Everything you guys are looking for will take time to be developed and implemented, it's not an anim or a car it's a robust system. Support the devs who take time out of their own busy lives to work on the server and give them encouragement.
  9. I love this mapping so much ahhhh. This looks just like Blackwell it's amazing! Great work! I can't wait to see what you do next.
  10. Honestly even if it's only a spot to roleplay going there as a tourist or something that would be very cool to have in World. Being able to have a company for transportation between the island and SA would be very cool as well. Ultimately though I don't think we'll have use for it on World but I would love to see it used if possible.
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