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  1. Can someone explain to me why it seems to be the case that a significant number of legal factions are controlled by OOC friend group cliques who ERP with each other? It's a persistent problem.
  2. Comparing two parties mutually agreeing to skipping MVA roleplay (which is what 99% of the server does) to rape roleplay. GTA W forums moment. Sometimes I read this place and it's full of the most out of touch people imaginable.
  3. Involving yourself in situations you have absolutely nothing to do with and playing backseat moderator is indeed cringe and if you do it you should probably find a better use of your time. In fact, if you're sitting on this forum for hours a day making report after report you really need to find a hobby. To add to this thread: Pretty much all "relationship drama" that I've seen in almost every legal faction I've been part of. It's always some fucking high school tier shit that goes OOC after about two minutes. Go outside and form healthy relationships with real people instead of this embarrassing cringe shit.
  4. A guy who started throwing a tantrum and threatened reporting myself and another party for not "correctly roleplaying a MVA" because we agreed to skip and he had stumbled upon the scene. Please get a fucking life. Pretty much everyone I've ever come across who turns smug and pretentious and has to lecture you about minute details in /mes that nobody gives a fuck about. Motherfuckers complaining that I won't write a purple essay for the most insignificant of actions. Yeah cool, we get it. You have in-depth knowledge of that subject.
  5. Why is this so true? I often wonder what it is these people are saying they're missing out on being able to do, yet when I look through their roleplay all they do is just roleplay virtual relationships. It feels like this place is a dating platform at times, my experience in legal factions was just witnessing stupid relationship drama between people who spent hours ERPing with each other.
  6. Walking in on three lesbians ERPing in the fire station when I was in the LSFD. That was my final experience in that faction, coincidentally.
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