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  1. I think it’s cause people watch videos like this they think they have an idea how they should portray a gang member
  2. Don’t forget the chef while you are at it when you find out he spit in your food. 😂
  3. This video is perfect lol guy with his family gets confronted by two strangers asking where he is from at a taco stand . Then he get shots and dies . This kind of behavior is against gtaw
  4. We are playing GTA simulation, grand theft auto. If we were playing the sims simulation it would be different . No violence and more of what we do in our normal lives . Too bad we are playing grand theft auto world . A world of violence and crime just like the game was meant to be.
  5. I think it will make it worse lol, think about it gang members irl when they slide on their opposition , their mission is to not see them again. Most gang members that participate as a shooter for the gang, they have one intention and that’s to kill. Not all gang members are shooters . If gang members didn’t want to kill they would use their fist to fight instead of guns. I’m all for faction wars CK only it will be fun and exciting imo, add to the story too of the members in that faction.I think all CK should erase OOC assets . If anything it will drive up the violence ig because people would go out their way to CK their opps they do not like OOCly and ICly.
  6. The server has turn into a chore, never thought I could procrastinate to play a video game
  7. It has nothing to do with the population it has everything to do with the mentality of some people irl. The same applies here , we’re playing GTA V not the sims , the mentality of players is what drives the chaos in the server . Not all agree but it’s GTA V. The main issue is when you try to replace our world into gta v . Here’s a solution get rid of illegal factions and you’ll have sims 5.
  8. There’s actually a lot just in different states , just a couple otherwise there would be too many vids to post . All this year btw
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