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  1. Lol, this. So true. Every time I interact with LEOs I pray it's the LSSD that I get because they're just more engaging and seem to actually care about roleplaying with the community rather than "policing the server". The attitude differences shown on the forums towards crime by LSPD members on the forums compared to LSSD members really demonstrates the issue well.
  2. It's not just about the stereotypical cringe character that most would agree is bad. It's about the constant self-inserts and severe lack of limitations on depiction that most legal factions seem to have. I have to watch what I say here because again I'm aware I'm close to the line but I say this with as much respect as possible: from my perspective as someone who has been involved in whatever you want to call "illegal roleplay" on this server for years at this point, the faction that seems to have the highest standards on the legal side of the server is the LSSD and that's by quite some margin. There's exceptions here and there but what I'm saying isn't really a secret nor is it ground-breaking. However I made this thread time at a time when gang roleplay was just being freely mocked and criticized despite the fact that well established gang factions and numerous unofficial groups have far better depiction than the people who were writing screeds about how all (M) characters should be banned, or that gang roleplay is garbage. Yet often when you looked through the roleplay that these people put out, it was just the usual self-insert type roleplay that really shouldn't be a model for anything. This really doesn't matter anymore because the doomsday situation I thought might happen has been avoided thanks to IFM. It's just a shame because it would be good to have more interactions with believable civilian characters but unfortunately even beyond the stereotypes, the depictions just feel like they're rarely mature enough and I doubt it'd fly if those factions had limitations that were as strict as illegal factions/the LSSD. Perhaps if the number of civilian self-insert characters was reduced too there'd be greater understanding that cops here aren't OOCly here to stop all crime or that stopping all crime is something that is even desirable.
  3. There are other roleplaying platforms that may be more what people are looking for. I don't know why people think it's an insult to tell others to try Second Life, it has as a serious roleplay community and may be more in line with the social-type roleplay you're looking for realism but without criminality. If you walk down Vespucci beach, go into one of the backstreets and get robbed by the gangs that literally inhabit that area and your first thoughts are to go on the forums and complain about it, maybe seriously reconsider why you're here. There are other places that may suit your desires.
  4. There's a report up now with a 90 pound white girl turning up in one of the most dangerous neighbourhoods in an elegy, stabbing people who lived there once they approached her and then following up by crying about "illegal rp". Seriously, guys?
  5. I can't think of a single instance where vigilantism in roleplay is actually good, with the exception of someone wanting revenge for an act. The cringe videos of 24 year old supermodels blasting kids that get upvoted on this forum are god awful and all parties involve should be banned. There's no excuse for this shit anymore with the introduction of these safe-zones. The self-insert main character syndrome of 'military trained' twenty-something white kid vigilante is too serious a problem to ignore. It's absolutely embarrassing, you're not roleplaying a superhero in a Marvel film.
  6. It's going to last about 2-3 months and it will be changed again because everyone knows what I've said is true, people admit it and then just go 'yeah but at least nobody forces these people on me'. They're forcing changes on the server, so there is a problem, even if you just pretend it doesn't exist.
  7. Cool. Doesn't have anything to do with server standards and people of questionable roleplay quality dictating server changes.
  8. It's not really about that though, is it? It's about the suggestion threads that basically boil down to 'ban gang roleplay'. I cannot link them because of civility rules, but you will find them. The relevance of the core subject of this thread will be very evident now with the crime free zones. What these will be are hubs for extremely questionably portrayed civilian characters, which will further reduce the roleplay quality on the server. Sure, maybe you're one of the people who actually does roleplay a real adult but what we're going to see are supercar meets and the usual pink haired people taking over; you're outnumbered by these people here by quite some margin unfortunately. We're now skirting close to the double standards line, shitting on 15 year old (M) characters is cool and OK but bringing up awfully portrayed adults that make up the bulk of the civilian population is out of bounds for some reason.
  9. They cannot be ignored, they ruin the server and have lead to the split in the community. The 'us versus them' mentality mentioned in this thread. An awfully portrayed adult character is equally as harmful as the chain-robbing griefer, mostly because the awfully portrayed adult is someone who will then go on the forums and try to shit on entire RP scenes, derail every thread and argue that entire RP scenes need to be gutted despite their own portrayal being extremely questionable. The lack of self awareness that these people show is the problem. Stop letting them dictate discussions.
  10. And people are worried about poorly portrayed civilians and completely unrealistic adults running around... yet when that's discussed the thread just gets derailed by people crying about gang roleplay and going on about how they got robbed. Again. For the 200th thread. Despite there being zero relevance to the subject of the thread.
  11. Except it really doesn't, does it? There's a double standard when it comes to portrayals because people get robbed? No, it's because as established in this thread the civilian roleplay standards are generally lower with the exception of the LSSD and there's a lot of people that don't understand gang roleplay. The 15 year old (M) characters in official gangs have far more realistic portrayals than the 22 year old models running around and complaining on the forums about getting robbed. That doesn't mean there aren't 15 year old (M) characters that are running around robbing people with questionable portrayal, the discussion however has just turned into "gang roleplay bad, i got robbed once xD" and thinly veiled OOC racism.
  12. This thread was never about robberies, but congratulations to the usual suspects for derailing this thread with their 1000th retellings of that time they got robbed. This forum needs some serious moderation, every thread is being derailed by the same people saying the same things, which ends the threads with the same result. It's turning into a fucking circlejerk.
  13. Could we please keep this on topic instead of having the same 5-10 people turn this thread into the same shit they turn every thread into, thanks.
  14. Usual suspects trying to fuck this up again, I hope after we're finished with this the admins can just start enforcing civility rules towards those who do nothing but make the most banal complaints about illegal roleplay on this server.
  15. For some reason it's allowed. I don't know why it it's the case that you can make thinly-veiled OOC racist comments about gang roleplay yet the moment you poke fun at some of the roleplay that comes from people who use this as a chat/social platform it's suddenly deemed toxic. There's double standards to this shit. If you point out that actually a 16 year old in one of the gang official factions has a far better portrayal than the 21 year old white college kid running around shooting criminals like a vigilante, it's called trolling. What the fuck is even going on anymore? There's civilian characters roleplaying all sorts of crazy, wacky shit on here who will come on the forums and post about this without any self-awareness or reflection at all. There's a handful of civilian adult characters that are not affiliated with the LSSD that are even close to believable, people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
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