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  1. Ainโ€™t no way this is real. Kanye west plays on GTA W ? Tryna host a party in Miami for all the GTA W Gamers to attend and meet with? No way in fuck this is real. Imagine if LS-RP did a real life union party
  2. life is what you make
  3. What do you think about establishing Federal Gov RP in here? If y'all were on Owlgaming on MTA, they had everything dude. But it was sad when they shut down the MTA server. R.I.P Owlgaming & LSRP/SAMP
  4. Bro if you been to LA, trust it's a shithole especially South Central & Skid Row. I absolutely agree with what you're saying, but how do you feel about establishing Federal Gov RP ? Elite Government faction? (Federal Government) ? I feel like if they're was Federal Gov RP in here, they should have the ability to terminate illegal factions and give out harsh gang injunctions.
  5. Take-two will not permit GTA 6 to be modified. They'll try to do another DMCA with OpenIV ๐Ÿ˜ž
  6. What kind of RPer are you? Amateur, GMOD Gamer, Arma 3 Life or Hardcore Serious ? Fkkn LARPer
  7. What great conversations we're all discussing about right now ๐Ÿ™‚
  8. ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  9. ^^^^ Just wondering why darkweb rp is not allowed...?
  10. WDYM ? Do Clarify because I am very new.
  11. I discovered you guys after Owlgaming from MTA SA died, R.I.P to them and R.I.P To LSRP as well. RPing on GTA V is so different compared to San Andreas.
  12. Fuck FiveM, RageMP is my shit ! NoPixel can Kiss my ass !
  13. To answer you're question about How does RICO work IRL, It's simple. RICO is enforced by the Feds when a gang or criminal enterprise "invest, maintain an interest in, or participate in interstate or foreign commerce" (E.G Drug Cartels/Human Trafficking - source: https://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/content/rico-act.html) If a Gang has total rule of a State in which that certain state cannot control and terminate it with they're own laws and regulations the federal government are gonna step in and put an end to it.
  14. For the first statement you made, you could that with any state law could be vague and unintelligible for an average citizen to understand. But we still have a state law and regulation for the great state of San Andreas we all precide under right? It's not vague or anything like that it seems pretty easy for someone to understand. Second, For all you people who are in the LS DA's Office Faction it wasn't hard for you guys to get into it or even understand basic judicial/BAR Code of Ethics, court proceedings or even the law itself right? If it's easy for people to get into the DA's Office or even become a cop it should be easy for someone to learn basic federal law and do the same proceedings as it goes in a state level RP-wise but just under a federal level/rule if you guys catch my drift? Imagine having the FBI/ATF/DEA stepping into to assist the LSPD/LSFD with investigations and help put a stop to elite gangs, illict drug trafficking, enforce gang injunctions, or what not. This will create so much opportunities to expand Illegal RP in this community I feel like. It would also create more immersion too. However, apart from what I'm saying. I'm not saying that the whole entire U.S Federal Law should be enforced in a fucking video game no fuck that. I'm just saying enforce common federal laws that most criminals violate (E.G Murder, Extortion, Blackmail, Robbery, RICO, Anti-Trust Laws, Civil Rights Violations, CFR Violations) . I would also like to think that if federal RP was a thing in this community, they're would be policies, guidelines and contracts between state and federal agencies pertaining to enforcement. Example being if a crime supersedes the state law, that's when the Feds should step in. You know what I mean guys? This community is pretty big I wouldn't think it would be a problem..? I mean I been on this community now for barely two months I'm learning more of the game scripts and RP lifestyle as I play on this community every single day. Why not give Federal RP a try huh?
  15. What's wrong with adding federal law enforcement RP ? It creates more immersion and opportunities.
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