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  1. Yup! These are anims like any other. The only way we can use them right now is to enable that anim, and then spam click F/G to go into driver/secondary seat. These will be under Sitting anims if I remember correctly. Good luck!
  2. Is this still available?
  3. It all started 20 years ago when Reggies' father met his mother during regular day in Paleto County. See, the story goes that during that time people from the countryside never really had the time to choose or pick a perfect partner. You had to be happy with what you got. The same happened here, two farmers, both single children to their parents, also farmers. A long hierarchy of people living in the countryside, living, breathing and acting like it. Raking the ground, plowing it. Planting and watching as it all sprouts. Regular circle of life - never time for each other and family. What does this do to a child that wants attention? It makes them rebellious, doing whatever to get their parents attention. Rather sad story. Rebellious single child, Reginald "Reggie" Shepherd. A child from Paleto. Never really fitting in, he didn't want to become a farmer. He didn't want to follow the pattern that had been walked numerous times. He wanted his own story. The day he got 18 years old, old enough to drive, he walked down to the barn area, eyed his old man, nodded to him and said. "Pop. I'm done. I don't want your shitty life, I don't want to follow Your path. I'm going to the city. Glad you wrote the car to my name. I'm taking it. And oh hey - fuck you. Thanks for never teaching me how to fix shit, thanks for not being there when I needed you. Seriously. Thanks for nothing. I hate you!" He rushed towards the garage, flipped open the car key and sat in the drivers seat. Ol' trusty ratloader. He didn't really know how to drive, how to fix shit nor be a proper person of society. Fuck that. Hell, he'll figure it out. And as the dust settled, one could see Reggie driving ol' trusty ratloader down the highway. Steering from side to side. Not maintaining the speed. Fuck pops, you will not be missed.
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