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  1. No, sadly /removelocation is not removing those kind of blips.
  2. Detailed Description Right now you need to enter a vehicle to remove the blip after you spawned it. For example business owner with a lot of vehicles it can be annoying to have around 20 blips on the map, as long as you dont enter each one of it. Add something similar to /removelocation for blips for spawned cars. Relevant Commands/Items Add something like /removeblips How will it benefit the server? It is only a small thing, but it would be a nice feature that adds some comfort.
  3. ((05/JUN/2022, A midnight convoy throughout the country and conversations at the terminal))
  4. Detailed Description: Currently its not possible for business managers to renew vehicle insurance, use the antitheft system for business vehicles or report them stolen over the script. Change the script so that also business managers can do it for business vehicles and not only the business owner / vehicle owner. Relevant Commands/Items: /antitheft, /reportstolen, renewal of insurance How will it benefit the server? In allowing Managers more access to the vehicle script we would certainly improve realism, because from a realism point it would be allowed for high ranking business managers to renew the insurance and use the antitheft system, furthermore it would give businesses more flexibility and remove the workload from the owner. For example trucking companies would benefit a lot from it, because its not realistic nor efficient to let vehicles stand on the lot and deny people to work, just because its necessary to wait for the owner to come online. In my opinion we would also increase the RP quality and realism if we allow managers access to the antitheft script, the owner is not always online and should a car get stolen or cant be found its nearly impossible to find it, unless the police finds it. /reportstolen and /antitheft should be available to managers as well. This way we could offer more RP should the owner be not around.
  5. (( 17/APR/2022, Helping a friend and colleague))
  6. ((18/APR/2022, Final check on a new HR Assistant))
  7. I am looking for the Lampadati Cinquemila 🙂 Either write under this post, write me a DM or send me a SMS under 27822909. Thanks in advance 🙂
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