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  1. We can start by having IFM not leak the fact someone in their faction snitched to the faction leader.
  2. The forum's dark mode is pretty cool, however there's a lot of odd little features that I think could have been done better. With posts, the background color for all text is "#1d1f20", which belongs to the variable "--darkreader--bg--header-background-color". It looks like this - I don't think this is really even needed. The text shows up fine without it. This is how it looks like without the background color -
  3. interestingly enough, even moving victims away from witnesses with a distance of like 10-100 feet can be considered kidnapping in california. to what extent do you purpose the server limits how far you can isolate people?
  4. it would seriously hurt gang rp and development of characters but i see where people are coming from. lots of weird shit or goofy rp comes from all roles, but when the character is under 16 its especially visible
  5. dude is referring to factions making their members not rp with a specific faction(s), usually because they dont like their standards or the interactions lead to toxicity.
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