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  1. I RPed finance since 2015 started on LSRP with a credit union giving out loans. However I didn’t like that since it was too much at the time for me to do. Now I RP in a financial institution in the server which is kind of a closed circle to everything out there. And there’s things that are really needed in our company but it seriously is hard to get the right and consistent people. I like finance because I study it and hence I replicate what I learn IG
  2. Love to see it, so alive and strong.
  3. Accountant Accountants at Fenwell Capital Partners should use their education and experience to create or examine the accuracy of our financial statements. Accountants should ensure all financial records and statements are in line with laws, regulations, and generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). These records and statements may include the balance sheet, the profit and loss statement, the cash-flow statement, and tax returns. JOB DESCRIPTION Fiinancial records Company Statements Balance Sheet Profit & Loss Statements
  4. I think like everything else it should be simplified to the amount of players we have. Perhaps have the radar on the corner work and be able to see if there’s any aircraft nearby. Maybe a blip that’s orange or perhaps blue to distinguish from all other markers on the map. Also you will never have people with proper aviation knowledge because it is too much to remember for some. But either way there’s not many people interested in aviation and those who are I’ve seen them put effort into what they do.
  5. I am buying a Tinsel Towers Penthouse for a reasonable price! Feel free to e-mail me with the information.
  6. Chuck Lee

    sore losers

    Because people have pride and once they’re fucked they can’t hold it together.
  7. The point was directed towards some other direction and I've created a topic which should've been the first step. Anywho I would've posted the story on that topic to explain a why we need aviation regulations. But since I saw SD I though maybe perhaps they knew something about the matter since they enforce the law.
  8. So this aviation RP is not compeltely out there as most of us know. However I'd like to see what people think whether it should be good to create regulations for the city or follow the federal ones offered by the US (which are the ones being used atm)
  9. You'd be surprised where a helicopter is allowed to land in the US. And the reasons why a helicopter can park any where. Common sense does not apply so much to many things in aviation as well, or even law itself. Feel free to look up videos on youtube, there's even situations where some guys park in the middle of a parking lot to buy fishing gear.
  10. He did have his helicopter parked near his business area. Meaning that was a rule followed by him. And according to FAA you need such permission from nearby owners which in that case permissions were held. Now it is understandable that Federal things are not followed by everyone (some may be even clueless of the power of federal regulations). However something should absolutely be done about local regulations aswell for aircraft owners.
  11. Alright this happened the other day with a helicopter situation in vinewood. Some deputy apparently had nothing to do and called in the situation (wow such alarm a helicopter in an empty parking at 4am) . The thing is deputy had no clue on federal law and there was nothing that could stop him from being a bully (that’s what he was) and taking private property. Now my character has lost all respect to the SD team because noSD dared to talk to my character about aircraft regulations. Called during and days after the situation. Also prior to
  12. It shouldn’t it’s just ambition. That’s what I said and it happens IRL as well people want more and more.
  13. Exactly as I said because the RP of the character is ambitious he wants more and more.
  14. The last part was unecessary in a healthy discussion since it can provoke uneducated individuals. Telling you this for future reference when dealing with people. Now again 40k, 😂 you said it. And that is a ton of money weekly.
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