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  1. This is nice RP tbh, I would've vibed more to it if it were based along with the lore company. But really good nevertheless.
  2. What I’d say is that some people (me included) see these characters on some occasions and they never tend to last. I think noche characters would be great and I’ve actually had the chance to RP with a few but I was very selective when it came to choosing them because sometimes you’re able to see whether or not that character has a strong background in the server for it to be like that. And RPing a Karen I suppose would come good if she had a house a job and perhaps one teenage boy that would make the character seem more stable. Rather than just a woman who complains a lot to anyone she meets.
  3. AFAIK there is no Multiplayer yet.
  4. I'm super down to this, someone with good connection should stablisha server and do some walking dead type of server. Other than that this is a pretty good game.
  5. Click Image to get access to company website. Copyright © 2021 Busch Harland, Inc. All rights reserved.
  6. There's multiple ways of avoiding extortion. Through out my time in this server no mob messed with ayn of my businesses (idk why tbh) however some have tried and it surely went south for them. I'd put for owner's perspective to never make yourself available, always have some replacement. And if he's threatened get a not one, but two groups against the other. If the mob is to big and they're fucking really hard with your business. Now you can go past the limits and if you have a very good business that gives a good income, then I'm sure you can find ways to retaliate effectively. And the best p
  7. Read 1 book a week, and feel and be above everyone else intellectualy and always be or try to be the best one in a room. Fuck yes.
  8. Topic updated and bumped upon request.
  9. Why not, it's a possiblity, perhaps. Or maybe the recruiter can request them when hiring the individual. There's many options. Also the DMV can grant the other 3 permits specified.
  10. Script license centers. Perhaps a company recruiter wants to hire a trucker, he checks at the warnings or points on the permit. Wdym am I drunk? It's an option and this thread is open for discussions. And it doesn't need to work a certain way, because we are in LS remember? It can work a new way, just like the entire economy.
  11. Of course however someone needs to script the possibility of this bein able to be seen by others. As in marks on the permit. So maybe your recruiter sees how many marks you have, or anyone you show your permit to. However this is the best to be dealt with IC on terms of applying for it to be changed. But still places where you get the permit are also needed.
  12. I'd like to point out that your argumentation which involves me in future events is quite fallacious and I'm certain I would have no problem whatsoever in your projected future. -Please explain, why should cars be removed all together? -What does it matter if courts or police do not like it? it's needed because the majority of the server population wants a change. -Im basing myself due to past events which have not been unchanged not future. -And with your posted solution, with your logic would turn up as. The PD applies to the courts to remove you from the streets,
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