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  1. Greg and Cuck going dumb hard, ma ootas on timing!
  2. I told you to stay away from Forehead he's mad federal, dummy. And never put an O before my Y.
  3. So basically, we out 'hea.
  4. brand new whip we ain't takin no uber
  5. Greetings from Lagos! Gregs in his bag it's a fact, just stay away from Forehead he's been moving mad federal lately.
  6. Greg has to claim this land for Africans, no backchat.
  7. I feel like OG Forehead moving sussy, in every screenshot I can see he stands really close to a brodda. Care to explain?
  8. pre dambe warriors i can tell
  9. Word to ma muva Greg movin tact. Would there be wires visible on Greg by any chance?
  10. Trust me, my friend. Civilian RP is mission impossible here in South Central as long as RPQM teams are still prejudiced against us and not willing to consider new character development ideas. Anything odd shows up they instantly view it as an unrealistic portrayal you can give it a go, though. From my expience here's what it is gonna be, you wanna go dating and hang out with your girl in an alley? There goes sexual roleplay. Wanna sell fruits on your truck? Trolling. Wanna do something new? Poor portrayal. It ain't never going to work so just be an ordinary boring gangbanger that's as far as you can do. South Central isn't only just a battlefield but also a whole community out there they just don't get it kmt....
  11. Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions!
  12. *Abegunde strikes a hard Nigerian bargain* $70,000 Prince Abe.
  13. Sold to the biggest Pop Smoke fan. Thanks everyone for participating!
  14. Abe in a past life was Ghanaian he's still used to it abit my friend.
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