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  1. It’s not a new meta, it’s been going on for a while. Ever since they banned robberies via dirt bike and all that. But yeah, it’s ridiculous.
  2. What amazes me the most is that we have an extraordinary amount of people who all agree there is a problem. That has to be the single most telling thing in this thread. We’ve made it past the usual issue and reached a tipping point where people are just tired of this situation. 20 pages. TWENTY and we’re still discussing this in a civil manner. Id say if that’s not a cry for change that signals something is really wrong, I don’t know what is. Thanks 🙏
  3. Big time agree. It’s the QUALITY of the RP that’s the issue. That and I’m convinced that a majority of robberies are OOC’ly motivated. There are some great illegal RP’ers out there but they are overshadowed by the script item hunters hiding behind their wall of “it’s for the RP”. No it’s not. Trucking makes this glaringly obvious. It is known that truckers don’t have to carry cash anymore but they are frequently targeted anyways because why? People assume they are carrying guns and/or drugs. This isn’t an IC motivation in most cases. Going on convoys to rob truckers is ridiculous. Sure it may happen, but not DAILY. This isn’t the 50’s where you’re robbing bootleggers for their stash. I’m not sure there is a fix to this either. You can’t change a mentality that’s far too gone at this point without some major and potentially upsetting changes. IFM won’t do it. That’s apparent already because we’ve arrived at this point.
  4. LOL 60 minute ajail. Wtf 😳 dude should’ve gotten banned straight up.
  5. How dare you suggest something logical that makes sense. I am offended. Support ++++
  6. This is definitely one of the core issues. The change that mechanic shops have with parts using twice as many components has created the issue of garages always needing massive amounts of components. As a result, they take precedence over any other store or business, especially with three of them in the city so close to the supply points at the docks. Why take longer deliveries for the same price when you don’t have to? That’s the trucker logic. Hell, I’ve even seen stores with bonuses get ignored because truckers can still make more money completing more deliveries to the closest mechanic shops in the same amount of time. Other issue is that the trucking script is just plain boring. Whether or not companies create the occasional RP drivers, it’s mainly a very repetitive job with little to no interaction when you’re out on the road. You repeat the same pick up and drop off /me lines, just reworded each time to avoid going insane. People only last so long before moving on to better things.
  7. It's this right here. It's a race to get as many deliveries as possible so they can make more money. Most places that offer the base 250 or are too far away from the supply points won't get any deliveries unless they increase their crate prices. Places that are really far from the supply points sometimes have a hard time getting crates even with a higher crate price. People just don't want to drive that far when they can deliver to businesses right around the corner from the supply points, especially when a few of those are mechanic shops and always in need of component crates.
  8. (( Add /pinfo please so we can see market & furniture price ))
  9. To whom it may concern: I'm looking to rent a property out long-term, if possible. I prefer the house / apartment / condo to be somewhere in a safe and central part of the city. Depending on the lease terms, I will most likely rent it out long-term and in-advance for a better pricing option than simply renting it by the week. I am a reliable tenant and will keep your house clean and maintain it as necessary. If you have anything available, please don't hesitate to reach out via e-mail at [email protected] ((Forum PM)) with a location, pictures and long-term leasing options. Thank you for your time and consideration. Regards, Liam Archer
  10. I can only imagine with everything else that Admins are busy with, making time to be present during a robbery is probably not on the top of their to-do list unfortunately. It's not just to be around, but they need to be focused and paying attention to make sure RP is up to standard and verify where things may be hidden (especially when 9/10 properties have no stash info). The only two things I could come up with is one, require a /stashinfo for properties that have items hidden. Not just a guideline, but make it something that is punishable if it's not there. Put it in the rules so an Admin doesn't have to try and sort that out via their own discretion during a robbery. The other is sort of what you already suggested. Attempt to hire a sub-team and train them with the sole purpose of overseeing break-ins. This is probably the least complicated solution as it doesn't require anything besides more staff and training.
  11. Warzone or not --- in the interests of everyone's RP experience don't inject yourself into a situation, such as a shooting, that has nothing to do with you. To me, it's common courtesy. More than likely that is multiple character's stories that have been building up for quite some time that we know nothing about. If it's two rival gangs shooting at each other, let them shoot at each other and take cover like a normal human being rather than being Rambo. Plus, why would you want to get in the middle of gangs shooting at each other? Just butt out and let it be.
  12. It's also not hard to add this in, I'd imagine. What would it harm? It's not like some massive development is needed for this to work. Plus, it will free up the queue much faster than waiting for a PM member to clear it. Work smarter, not harder.
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