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  1. Fuck that shit, ruins my immersion. I’d rather go play something else than to hop in game and find out my apartment’s filled with snow. Literally a vibe killer, get it gone.
  2. Property sold. ((This can be Locked & Archived))
  3. Winning bid! Please reach out with a number so we get the trasnaction done with.
  4. Noted. Gonna close this one at midnight if no one else decides to bid.
  5. Bid is currently at $90.000. I'm giving this 24 hours before I close this auction.
  6. Bid noted. I'll sell it in 24 hours from now if nobody else bids on it.
  7. 1803 Forum Drive Room 17 Simple appartment with beautiful renovations inside located in Chamberlain. Property is unlocked if anybody wants to check. Starting Bid: $80.000 Buyout: $175.000 Bidstep: $10.000 Exterior: Interior:
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