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  1. I'm so sorry to hear that, I wish you best luck with everything!
  2. Pokušaj


  3. I used to Roleplay with a 42 year old Bosnian who has spent close to 20 years in the States. 🤫
  4. Contact : 7181-1012 Offering $17480
  5. Contact : 7181-1012 Offering $16.850
  6. Contact : 7181-1012 Offering $25.000
  7. Contact : 7181-1012 Offering $9800 for Radius.
  8. Contact : 7181-1012 Offering $11.370
  9. Contact : 7181-1012 Offering $47.000
  10. Contact : 7181-1012 Offering $27.235
  11. Offering $36.000 Contact : 7181-1012
  12. $32650 - Contact : 7181-1012
  13. $16350, call me on 7181-1012
  14. 95.000$ Right now. 7181-1012!
  15. Not only that, but they don't want to buy any vehicles that aren't "maxed out" which has no meaning IRL lol!!
  16. From my POV, people don't buy cars if they are not tuned as fuck. I see an issue there.
  17. I think the problem is the 200k money they get on the start, they should lower it at least to 100k cause people first get the car, then they get apartment or whatever they need. Instead of doing that, they should not be bothered with 100-150-200k cars and find some job to stick around with, to actually develop it into someone who has passion for cars if they want to, or at least go around dealerships, start working there or mechanic garages, participate at the shows and so on. People very often make that mistake on the start, they buy a car, spend at least 100k, get a gun, 40-60k and go around robbing people in their fancy cars, bait cops, act up too much. They wouldn't be buying these cars if they worked for 4k/h, sadly.
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