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  1. Honestly just don't. Im sorry but Davis rp is probably the worst experience on the server right now. Especially for a civilian, let alone a corner girl civilian. I know someone who played the local grandma, and a homeless girl and people robbed them cus they could. Really? Who the fuck robs a homeless person
  2. The issue with that is it takes a lot more time from the admins to just constantly look around the area. It could work if they have the numbers but it seems like it'll take a lotta time from them
  3. The whole of Davis needs to be revised in general. People start fights because one man says something, the other says something back, they see that as a reason to start big brawl. See a girl working a corner "I'm your pimp now even though I've never worked this business. And I'm gonna beat you so you aren't even conscious enough to do it". Just in general people always jump to fights and gun fights for the littlest things. And masks running around looking to constantly rob the first person they see. It's not los Angeles, it's a 3rd world country. The entirety of robbery and conflict rp needs a rework. It's like a completely different server on Davis. Dms and poor escalation galor
  4. Yes! Thank! You!!! This so God damn annoying. 90% of these people have 0 business doing that. And thing beating a girl to a pulp means they will suddenly listen to them. Or they gather a group of minor gang members to make them "work for us now". Pimp characters need to make sense. It can't just be random gang members doing this for the sake of it. Literally every other gang member claims to be a pimp to my corner girl character. And 90% of them have no idea how the rp actually works.
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