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  1. A message to Skinny's Cousin Ending the Damion Kuan story here. I have a new character in mind that I'll be introducing to the faction, stay tuned.
  2. I log out and do something else with my time.
  3. Not every error deserves a report, we need to learn how to let things go when they're not major. Certain situations can be addressed or corrected by communicating with each other. Reporting someone is time consuming for the person creating the report, the reported party and the admin team. In my opinion reports should only be done if the situation was significant.
  4. Jewelers. A decent amount of people in the city wear jewelry but the city lacks actual shops where these items can be purchased or obtained. Pawn shops would be the only exception but even then the jewelry was most likely created out of thin air before it was pawned.
  5. Do your research on the type of illegal roleplay you want to get into. You get involved by being around the group you're aiming for, whether you're a local or an average joe who frequents the group's hotspot.
  6. Extension Package Snatching Mission Suspended
  7. The best way to create connections with people on here is by joining factions and being a social person outside of the game.
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